Realplayer in Ubuntu Edgy

I found this slightly trickier to set up than usual with Ubuntu, so I thought it was worth making mention of it. Basically, download from and follow the instructions. The normal methods of installing such things (the package manager or using sudo apt-get install) didn’t work for me. Just saves a bit of faffing about I reckon.

random thoughts

-I now have one of those new iPod Nanos, courtesy of Mrsfb for Christmas. It is a lovely bit of kit, and until you see one you really can’t imagine quite how small and slim they are. Yet they are really solid as well, nice combination. Just feels less likely to break than the older large iPod I had *crosses fingers*

-Was thinking about global warming and the future today. Science says we could be in serious trouble in the next 30 years, government says not to worry, effectively, due to its inaction. All I can think therefore is that they lack the will to do anything due to the likelyhood they will be dead when it is a problem. Perhaps the answer is to not worry about it, don’t save for the future, don’t have a pension, as it will all be washed away regardless. I may have been queuing in Barclays whilst considering this.

-I’m a huge fan of John Irving, but was sorely disappointed by The Fourth Hand, which I gave up reading two-thirds of the way through, which is an almost unthinkable act for me normally. However I read his latest Until I find you over Christmas, and really couldn’t put it down, it was a fantastic read. I’d suggest reading some of his older books first if you haven’t come across him before, as they are wonderful, but do get round to reading it.

So what am I up to at the moment?

Well, not a lot really, trying to get myself together and organised again for the new year. I haven’t really got any projects going at the moment, other that starting to use the autoblogger I set up that is adding some other posts to the site, as well as my insightful little pieces.

I have been playing a lot of Xbox 360, mainly Burnout Revenge and Tony Hawk’s Project 8 at the moment, as well as some Phantasy Star Universe. Burnout is just as annoying in terms of voice communications as the Xbox version, although overall it seems more stable. Offline it is a great game, and the addition of achievements is a wonderful thing, gets me playing it where normally I’d have got fed up by now. Same with Tony Hawk, my desire to smash through the 2000 barrier is driving me in both games at present.

Outside of that, I have a decent stack of geek books to work through, and a trip to London next week for a course in Java, which I’m really looking forwards to. Whole week in a hotel, hope my money lasts out! Does also mean that I’ll effectively miss a week of Celebrity Big Brother, which may be no bad thing.

Light-gun game from 1936 – from Boing Boing

this has just blown me away, a light-gun game from before World War II.

Cory Doctorow:
1936 saw the introduction of the first-ever light-gun game — a duck-hunting game from a company that specialized in vacuum tube jukeboxes.

Ray-O-Lite Rifle, Seeburg, 1/36, a duck shoot game, this rayolite gun game is the first light activated gun games. Seeburg was a company with an engineering departments focused on the design of vacuum tube amplifiers and gearing systems for jukeboxes. It was no surprise then that when the electric eye light sensing vacuum tube was introduced in the early 1930s that the Seeburg design teams would introduce a light ray game.


(Thanks, Rich!)

Obiligatory New Year’s Resolutions post

Right, let’s get this down and out of the way. Lose weight, give up the fags, cycle more, take more photos, learn more things, blog more, pay off some debt. That should do it.

It is odd, I always take a bit of a dip around December, get less motivated than usual. I’m pretty sure now, having had it happen for a few years very consistantly, it is S.A.D. or just getting fed up with too much darkness. It was much better this year, given that I felt more aware of it, but it was still there. Now is the time to say it is past, push on, and get myself going again I reckons.