Driven by sleep

still not right on the sleeping front. Did sleep okay yesterday, but it still threw into sharp relief how much I haven’t been for a while. Going to have to be careful and make sure that where I can, I get to catch up.

Got a couple of nice little things for myself yesterday, a Moleskine notebook, which is just the right size for everything for me, and The Silver Spoon, which is a classic Italian cookbook, and just brimming with recipes. So much so I could barely carry it home.

Goodbye Grandstand

So Sunday marked the last Grandstand on the BBC. It is an odd feeling, as the show is 48 years old, and for several years of my life I could guarentee that between 12 and 5 on a Saturday I would be watching it, yet I won’t miss it. Eurosport now holds an even dearer place in my heart now, as where Grandstand would manage 20 minutes of an obscure sport, Eurosport will give you the whole thing, often live.

That I think is the key thing that has done for Grandstand, the lack of live sport in it. I will watch far more where something is happening live, and I get to see the sport “warts n all”, see how the whole thing works.

What is odd as well though is that they are keeping sport, showing it in the same manner, but not calling it Grandstand. That I don’t see the point in at all.

I killed my WordPress blog, and lived to fight another day

So it was late. It was the wrong time of night to be playing with those sorts of options. And I compounded my error with the classic mistake of “oh, it’s a little change, I won’t need a backup”. Let both of those mistakes be lessons I learn.

So what happened? Well, I have a couple of other blogs with the WordPress theme K2 on them (this is a skinned version of K2 here), and I noticed that on my main personal blog I didn’t have the same options for the sidebar. After some experimentation, I removed a conflicting plugin, then chose to upgrade the theme. I followed the instructions carefully (well apart from backing up of course), disabled the theme, and then…

Nothing. Nothing at all. The whole site was blank. No posts, no admin, no error messages, just a blank screen for every URL. Really not good at all. So what did I do? Panicked of course.

After a good five minutes of quality panic, I decided to have a look at my database. It was there for starters, which was a very good thing. Then it struck me, there must be an options table for WordPress. And there is, wp_options by default. In there is an entry for theme. So as a last chance, I altered it back to K2 from default. And it worked, I could see the blog once more, and could sort out things from there.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend altering tables like this by hand. It was a qualified guess, but I got lucky. I didn’t deserve to after my other acts of stupidity, but I did. It was a handy thing to learn a bit about in case of that sort of disaster, but in this case it should never have happened, if I had backed up it would have been a lot easier to fix.

Fate also dictates that the morning after, I notice Lorelle’s great post on fixing a broken theme.

How to feel more rested – Sleep less.

Well this won’t work for everyone I’m sure, but the solution to my lack of sleep has been to stay up later. Somehow this seems to have fixed me, the last couple of days I’ve felt so much saner I cannot explain. MrsFB suffers with insomnia a lot, and of course whilst I’m supportive and sympathetic, I normally sleep so well I just can’t quite understand just how bad it is. This week I have.

Today is a good day, I’ve been paid, SisterFB has finally started up her blog after much nagging, MrsFB hit her sales target today, all in the world is very nice indeed thank you. The weekend will hopefully involve some tactical shopping, I would like to get my supplies of herbs and spices back up to date, and I think I need to venture along the Cowley Road to achieve this. There may be coffee or a glass of wine along the way too.

0 Uses for a dead iPod

I was looking at my old big fat iPod last night, and was mulling over just what to do with it. Under Ubuntu, I can actually charge it, and then get to listen to the disk drive failing loudly. So it is definitely gone. I was hoping against hope I could maybe use it as a large portable drive, but it is too flaky for even that.

So what do I do with it? Should I bin it? Find a way to recycle it? Use it for a form of art? I’m lost for ideas, so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Still not smoking, still sort of sane.

I’m still not sleeping, well not much, but I had a long walk home in the cold (on purpose) last night, and it really shook off a lot of the headiness I’d been feeling, I felt so much better for doing that. If I can do that a couple of times a week minimum as well, it really is going to help with the weight-loss too.

Yesterday evening was important as in places it was the first time I’d felt normal since I stopped. Important for me to feel I am getting that grasp back. It will obsess me a lot less soon, but obviously at the moment it is a lot of what I think about.

WordPress 2.1 Ella – How is it?

Well, I took the plunge last night. I meant to upgrade one of my least used blogs to WordPress 2.1 as a test, and it was so quick and easy I ended up doing all four. Basic process was just backup the database, disable all plugins, copy the upgrade into the same directory as your main install, run the upgrade, restore the plugins. Quite painless.

I still think that WordPress needs to built the upgrade functionality in, I should be just clicking to install it and run the above process. That is the sort of thing that takes away the admin side of WordPress, and would draw more people into using it.

Overall, it seems a little faster, a little prettier, and nothing has broken. So, happy with it thus far.

Bizarre Creations Next Live Game – Kotaku

New Xbox 360 Live game coming from the makers of Project Gotham:

Bizarre Creations, the guys behind Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and Project Gotham Racing, are working on a new Live Arcade title.

Boom Boom Rocket, set to go live this spring, is described as a hypnotic rhythm music game conceived by Electronic Arts’ casual game site

The game has players firing off rockets to the beat of music as they travel through a 3D city. The goal is to choreograph the firework-like explosions to the music. The game features 10 original tracks.