Geshi-based syntax highlighter for WordPress

This is my second test of a code syntax highlighter, in this case the Geshi-based syntax highlighter plugin. This isn’t very successful either. The problem is with multiline cut and paste, certainly in Firefox. Doesn’t behave how you would hope. I’ve manually added the line returns to the CSS example, and that behaves fine, but […]

XPDay 2006 – The Toyota Way of Managing – Pascal van Cauwenberge

What follows are my notes on Pascal van Cauwenberge‘s presentation at the London XP Day 2006, about The Toyota Way of Managing. Why is it useful to us? Because it is reflected in many Agile processes and ideologies. 14 Management Principles, split into 4 categories: Philosophy Process People and Partners Problem-solving and Organizational Learning Process […]

XPDay 2006 – Programmers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus

These notes are taken from the above talk on 27th November 2006, given by Angela Martin, James Noble and Robert Biddle. The bulk of the first half of the session was an extended planning game, with several elements of chaos thrown into the mix. The intention was to give us all a good idea what […]

Dean’s Source Code syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress V1.1

I’ve been asked to find a WordPress plugin for source-code highlighting in posts. My first research leads me to the belief that the area to look at are plugins which use the Generic Syntax Highlighter or GeSHi. This can handle over 200 different languages, so should be flexible enough for our needs. So the first […]

Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress

I’ve been meaning for a while to submit the sitemaps for my domains to Google’s Webmaster Central site. Having a sitemap for the googlebot to read improves how your site is crawled, and means only the pages you want are submitted. It has recently also become a format recognised by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, which […]