Blogging Friday

Well, I’m off work for four days, today through to Monday. Just decided to take a couple of bonus days to relax, and catch up on a few things. Amongst other things, I’m trying to write some blog posts on my various blogs, just to get back into the way of writing.

Went shopping in Oxford yesterday, and was delighted to discover that we now have a Fopp. Fopp is a lovely chain of record stores, mainly specialising in selling cheap things you probably quite fancy. I find them financially dangerous places, and was quite impressed that I managed to limit myself to a mere thirty pounds of music and dvd. I think the highlight thus far has to be the Adam and Joe dvd. Essentially two chaps talking rubbish about telly and films has never been so damn good. Still enjoying their podcast, in fact I am listening to one at the moment. Well worth the investment of a fiver.

Something else I will update a bit as I go along this weekend is my 80s diary (see the categories on the far right). This was one of my reasons for moving to WordPress, namely that it would actually let me input dates from the 80s. It isn’t anything special, it is more just interesting for me to see where my mind was at back then. The diary I am mostly working from is nearly 20 years old now! Very strange reading it.

More storm

Well just as I was trying to sleep last night, we got hit by another summer storm. Not only was it loud, but I could feel electricity in the air. Really odd, I got an impending sense we were going to be hit by lightening twice, not because I was being paranoid, but because I could really feel it around me, it weirdly seemed like a charge or an energy was building up in our house. Maybe I need to get the electrics checked, as I’ve got a wire touching my bed or something! Nah, wasn’t that, but was odd, just literally feeling the pressure in the air.

Have taken Friday and Monday as holiday, essentially just to take it easy and get a few things done. Will hopefully spend some of the Friday just blogging and tidying up some of my projects. Maybe some exciting gardening as well if I get chance.

Storm 2006

Mad on Saturday, got caught in what given our weather lately, it could be almost fair to refer to as a tropical storm. Roads flooded out, the store we were in may have been hit by lightning, and at one point we were disasterously beaten by the rain into a wine bar. Tragedy! Even odder was that it has a palm tree at the back, and we were sat watching it being lashed by wind and rain like a hurricane. You can see a couple of pics from it on the flickr account further down. We now seem to have an annual silly storm now, the one last year flooded out a large section of the ring road.

Can still walk

and see this as a bonus. Did indeed do the cycle ride I suggested, see the photos down on the right hand side to see where I got to. Just finding this so freeing, getting to explore more. The main aim here is to lose a little weight and get myself into a bit of shape. At the moment my main concern is what will happen when I don’t go out for a night, will I seize up? We shall see 🙂

Has been screamingly hot today, really hope we get a cooler weekend. Just not built for this weather us Brits, we need it a bit cooler and wetter.

Just remembered, new tv show coming soon here, well worth a look: Time Trumpet 

This is not my beautiful back. These are not my beautiful knees

I hurt a bit today. Did a slightly longer cycle ride last night, and my ancient bones know all about it now. Going to have to make sure I get out again tonight, keep up the good work. Last night was following the cycle path on the other side of the Cowley Road all the way up to Hollow Way. Bit of a hill in the way at the end, and I got halfway up before my heart and body said “fuck that”. So I pushed the rest of the way, as I had to see still. Watching the Tour de France later embarrassed my laziness somewhat, although I did find it heartening to see that the present yellow jersey wearer did effectively the same as me.

Tonight I might try and get down to the river. May try and idle around a bit off Jackdaw Lane I found recently. Also should remember for future reference that there was a whole wooded area off the cycle path I was on last night I know nowt about. May well be worth a wander. One of the nice things about getting out on the bike like this is that it does give me more opportunity to learn Oxford better. I quite enjoy a good explore, go down a turn I don’t know, see where it takes me. I’ve a great believer in being able to assume that north is north, spotting something that lets me know where that is, then following my nose until I find somewhere I recognise.

I think my body is telling me to do a few stretches afterwards though. Yes. That does make sense. Ouch.

Pleasing Norman Tebbit

Well it has been far too long since I cycled, and my bike had fallen into very poor repair. It was about time I did something about it. So a few days ago I oiled it. This was a good start. Things moved that didn’t look very likely. However the brakes and the gears were a little shakey. So I tried to sort them out, but I couldn’t get them to behave as I wanted. Well mainly to do the whole braking and changing gears thing.

So I took the bike along to Cycle King. I would give you a link here, but they don’t appear to believe in websites. Which is actually something I approve of. If you don’t know what you are doing with a website, or you don’t know why you should have one, particularly as a business, there is sometimes a good case to be made for not having one. You could be wasting time that is better spend on promoting yourself in ways you understand. Anyways, they have sorted out my bike, and tonight I got back onto it properly.

I managed twenty minutes, and loved every second. I could have gone for an hour or so, but I didn’t want to worry mrsfb having told her I was off for a quick spin, and in addition it is about 200000000 degrees centigrade here at the moment. Well it was 35c earlier, it may hit 37c tomorrow, which would be the hottest recorded in Britain for a century. So it was somewhat tiring. I have missed it though, I have forgotten how much I enjoy getting the bike offroad, charging along a quiet path. I might even try and get out along the river at some stage this weekend. I am trying to persuade mrsfb to buy one, so we can go and explore together.  Just something different for us both to get into.

Animal not-very-cross ing

So a week or two ago, I lost my Animal Crossing game. Now I’d put a few months into playing this, nutured my town, expanded my house. I was horrified at the possibility I had lost it.

It turned up in the washing machine. And what is more, it worked perfectly. I now believe that DS stands for “does spincycle”.

Quite a successful day on Friday, as well as getting a non-gossip story into Popbitch for the first time in seven years, I also had an audio quote of mine played on the Daily Source Code . Have been listening to that for some time, so it was a good feeling to finally get a little involved.

Okay, so things look a little different around here

I have taken the blue pill, and moved on from Blogger to WordPress. I have been mouthing off about it for long enough now. It was time to change. This is a nice theme to make do for the moment. What was quite impressive was that with a bit of preparation and backing up, WordPress did almost all the work of converting all the old posts over for me. I held my breathe all the way through, but it did it all fine.

So, what do you think?