You know you are old when

it takes you two days to get over going clubbing. And we are not talking hardcore rave, just some late drinks at our local indie club on Saturday night. Both of us, just as bad as each other. Still, I feel much more lively today, and mrsfb has an interview this evening, so it is a much more perky day in general.

Have installed some new stats software on the server for this site, called Awstats. Open-source and very powerful, gives me a bit more detail on what goes on at the site. Had to learn to use it for work, so was worth trying here too. Not too tricky to set up, as long as you have an understanding host who lets you run such things.

In a grumpy not quite awake state

as I am from time-to-time. Actually got some quality messing about with css and learning geek stuff yesterday. I suspect the end result will be me messing about with this blog’s look and feel soon. I can feel it in my waters. I may chicken out and only do a small change to one bit. We shall see, I suppose.

Do need more sleep though, got that half-awake pout on my face. Which doesn’t really suit me.