Fairly lazy weekend

And much better for it. Did some clothes shopping, a much-needed update to my wardrobe. Small meal out at the Red Star Noodle Bar, which just does great food. I have to be careful not to go there too much, or I’ll start finding it boring.

Anyways, more shopping on the Sunday, then watched England’s glorious progression towards World Cup glory, and Portugal & Holland’s descent into World Cup hell, with one of the finest comedy performances by a referee in football history. 4 red cards, 16 yellow cards, in a game that only had 25 fouls.

Trying to do a lot of geek book reading this week, bring my brain up to date a little.

Funny how the week can fly by sometimes

and not touch the sides. Haven’t felt like writing much this week really. Nothing bad, just not in the mood at the moment. Probably need to sit down and make myself write a little this weekend, get my head back into it. That is what I shall do. That and take loads of photos of random things for no good reason. A plan. I think I shall do that, and also start to tidy up and tie together a few of my sites. Have a few domains now, could do with a couple of sessions of setting up proper email addresses for them, getting basic sites or blogs in place, and then actually get round to writing a few things. I will explain each one as I get them going properly, different names for different ideas. One I can do quite easily is flotsky.org, which I got to just point here. Wanted to learn how to set up a non-uk domain. Which I have now done.

Opera 9 Released

And you just won’t find me using it, other than for a bit of testing. It is a shame, I can remember a couple of years ago when Opera was the best thing since bread. Not just sliced bread, bread. A wonderful thing. It genuinely did change the way I browsed, introduced me to keeping masses of tabs open all the time, all sorts of things.

However, it just didn’t move on. I hadn’t used it in ages, and so I came back to it to try out the beta. It runs like a dog, in terms of loading pages. I keep hearing how it is fast, well, it just isn’t firefox. It just doesn’t load a page as fast for me. I do use Fasterfox and Adblock, which may be a part of it, but I got really bored waiting.

It is utterly true that many of Firefox’s best features have come from or borrowed from Opera, however they are in my browser of choice now, and work better. That is the advantage that the development work done en masse on Firefox has brought. Opera stuck to its old business model for far too long, and fell far far behind. It is, on the desktop, a dying browser. I’ve seen usage drop from almost 10% to well below 1%, whilst Firefox has gone exactly the other way. It is the best on mobiles at the moment (and I use it there), but Mozilla has a mobile browser on the way, and their brand alone could cause Opera big problems in that market as well.

So much as I would like to like Opera, it isn’t going to happen.

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