Of Mice and Boney M

I was thinking today about the extended album version of Rasputin by Boney M. What I liked about it was that rather than just extend the groove as most dance records of there age did, they wrote another couple of verses, so you learn even more about the history of Rasputin. My only regret is that it wasn’t part of some larger concept album to teach European history. I can’t think of anyone else who could effectively relate the rise of Hitler, the French Revolution and the establishment of
the EEC over a disco beat.

There was a total eclipse today as well, but it was only very partial here in Britain, and we didn’t really notice it. I saw a proper one in Cornwall in 1999, one of the strangest and most wonderful experiences I have had. What was also odd was that I stayed there for 3 days, just along the coast in Devon, and every day we were there, we drove right through the little town where my future wife’s parents lived. During the eclipse I was looking across the bay back at Exeter, and at that very town also. I feel there was a little connection, a little glimpse of future being made there.

Tonight thought, it is just raining a lot.

A tale of two jugglers

Once upon a time there was a juggler called Chris Bliss. Chris had a routine that was the finale to his act, where he juggled in time to a Beatles song. It was quite impressive, to the untrained eye (I am mainly an untrained eye, let me say). Watch it:

Now, this video did the rounds on the internet. And caught the eye of a juggler called Jason Garfield. Jason wasn’t that impressed by the video, he felt it was simplistic compared to his skills. So he made the Chris Bliss Diss, where he mimicked the original routine, but with 5 balls, and mocked the pomposity of the original act. I have never seen sarcastic juggling before. See it yourself:

There are moments in this second video that just had me wide-eyed at the skill. Now when I said earlier that I am mainly an untrained eye, it is because I have an interest in a similar area, the Diabolo. I’m alright at it, but watching these two videos suddenly got me wondering if there was any Diabolo activity on youtube now. Yes. Yes there is:

I’m not up to this standard, but I can do some of the tricks, and am using this as inspiration to try more. If I ever got really good, I would try and recreate the Chris Bliss Diss in diabolo form. A lot of work mind.

And what have I done now?

I did it. I went and set up a wrestling blog. I know.

Wrestling With Consciousness

It is an almost all-wrestling (with some occasional cheese reviews) blog, and gets me writing on a consistant single subject, which I think is a more formal blog environment. Good writing practice, and means you don’t have to read about it here. Bonus. If you do like wrestling though, I recommend you give it a go.

How Nintendo nearly wrecked my back

I was mentioning earlier that I’m having a bit of trouble with the sciatic nerves in my back. I thought it might be worth mentioning how I damaged them in the first place. Gameboy.

When I first went to university, after a few months I decided to treat myself to the latest in console gaming, the original Gameboy. Complete with Tetris in all its blocky glory (good game actually. The one time I used the link up on that original machine was against some kid who also had one on a coach trip from Carmarthen to London. I beat him by some fantastic amount, can’t remember the score but it was the work of a couple of hours total gaming dominence over an 8 year old kid. He was well gutted). I would play it everywhere, lying on the floor, leaning over a sofa, in bed, just made the most of it. All my fault, just being young and wasting my life playing games.

Eventually this posture nightmare came back to haunt me. My back just started to seize up, to the point of immobility one night. I was put on valium to relax the muscles, and spent a whole week in the outer reaches of space. Total fucking of the brain there, a horrible drug. Did do the job though.

I’ve been lucky, it has stayed away a long time. We will see how we get on, I’m sure the physios will sort me out.



Right, couple of decisions have been made. Firstly, I am going to try and set a regular time to blog. After tea, whilst we watch Deal or No Deal. I’m only sat there being sarcastic, so it is time to put that time to better use.

Secondly, I am going to try and start up a wrestling blog, to be written in the same timeframe. What I am hoping is that I can write some sensible lengthy pieces about a subject I love. I think it would do my writing good to have a regular theme to write about like that. Will work on and announce that quite soon hopefully.

Finally, just worth mentioning that I am having some back pain at the moment. Have been to the docs, and have got a referral to a physio unit for a couple of sessions. Causing me quite a bit of discomfort at the moment, not much fun, but at least I am starting to get it sorted

Second child syndrome

I must give a quick plug to a friend of mine, Em, who is starting a blog about her pregnancy with her second child. She is a very good writer, and I thoroughly assure you there will be more to it than just complaining about piles. Although she may, I do not wish to suggest she shouldn’t. Anyway, have a look at Second Child Syndrome to see what I mean, Em can get you into it better than I can plug her.

As a side note, this is post 400 on this blog. Go me.