I’m still struggling with the sleep thing, is getting hard now. I won’t go on about it too much, as I’ve noticed that I have complained enough for the google ads linked to this blog to be mainly about sleeping tablets. Wooo, thrill a minute.

As you may see, for a change I have been a busy blogging bunny over the weekend. I do particularly like those video plugins from google video, so easy to insert the code for them.


The Pru Review

Just a quick note to say that mrsfb is starting a new blog soon, The Pru Review. She will be reviewing books wot she has read, and given the volume and quality of what she reads, will be well worth a look to get some suggestions for what to read next. Should be something there within the next day or so I reckon

two hours sleep

and I am slightly lacking in inspiration and positive thought. I actually have a large, mindless task to do here, I think that might be my best option for sanities sake.
I’m fucked if I am letting the smoking win though, I am mainly, apart from sleep, getting there…