I’m still struggling with the sleep thing, is getting hard now. I won’t go on about it too much, as I’ve noticed that I have complained enough for the google ads linked to this blog to be mainly about sleeping tablets. Wooo, thrill a minute.

As you may see, for a change I have been a busy blogging bunny over the weekend. I do particularly like those video plugins from google video, so easy to insert the code for them.


I am now a George Clooney fan.

I never was not a fan. Now, however, I am a massive fan. Why? Because of this simple quote from him:

The actor says political debate and argument is necessary. “That’s what sparked me for this film and Good Night, and Good Luck,” he commented. “I said I’m not going to be quiet because someone has called me a traitor.”

“It’s the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard. The most patriotic thing you can do in a country is question the government.”

Sleep, sweet sleep,

a nectar that fills the soul with warmth, soothes the mind’s edges gently. Yes I slept. I had to cheat slightly, I used an oil burner near the bed with some rose oil in. Did the trick fantastically, dropped off after about 15 minutes. Did remember to blow the candle out before I went over as well. Bonus. Don’t ask me why, I don’t like the thought of sleeping pills, never have.

I notice google have launched their Web Design client today. You get 100MB of space with it too. I bet anything they start offering Domains and proper hosting within 6 months. Makes a lot of sense for them I reckon. If they build a lot of the “nasty” bits of organising domains and the like into a nice easy google-style interface, they could get a lot of business. Add in your Google Adsense, your blog, etc into one big manageable package, and you are really getting a lot of stuff bundled together.

In fact, one of the things that annoys me most about Google at the moment is that I do use a lot of their services, but it doesn’t seem linked up enough yet. I should login once, then flip between the services using handy links. Just doesn’t work like that though.

Slept some of last night

which I think is an improvement. Was up at 4am watching 24 mind, not the best viewing for that time, but still good. Starting to really get myself back now, am through the worst of the cold turkey thing it would seem. Good. I reckon by the weekend, I’ll have the sleeping back, and be starting to properly hack up some grot from my lungs. Am expecting a cold/massive cough to arrive any day soon.