New Game – Advance Wars DS

This has been occupying a lot of my time the past few days. Beautifully done game, basically an old-skool war strategy game. Some extra features compared to the older GBA version, but overall the same basic gameplay. Improved massively with being able to use the stylus, and move all your troops around very easily. A lot of time could be potentially spent on it.

One of the many things I like about it are the icons that symbolise the different kinds of army units. They are like little chess pieces, carefully drawn and thought-through. After a few hours play each is burned in your memory.

My word that seemed a long time since my last pay day

Partly because it was, nearly six weeks ago. Feel slightly more solvent now, which is no bad thing. Good weekend due to it, quiet one with a little drink out at the start of it with mrsfb on Friday, and plenty of junk tv, then a double night out on Saturday, my departments christmas do (don’t ask) and a friend of mrsfb’s birthday drinks. Just about fitted it all in, wasn’t sure if we would quite survive it all, but we got there, manfully (and womanfully of course)

Got a lot done tonight, really

Finished reading a geek book. Read some more Vernon God Little. Re-cabled the pc. Tidied up all the stuff that had fallen down the back of the pc. Helped someone set up a blog. Set up my new mobile properly. Sorted out some little jobs too. Not a bad evenings work really.

New mobile is well good. Nokia 6630, does video calling, which would be great if I knew anyone else with it. Does do photos and lots of online stuff well, which is all good. May well end up using the Flickr account (which is what provides the photos on the right-hand side of the blog) a bit more now I can take photos that don’t look anywhere near as blurred.


BBC in talks on Google link-up –

This is a really big deal. Basically we get a BBC channel on YouTube, and hopefully far more content appearing quicker. Ideally more podcasts too, but I’m not holding my breath on that count.

The BBC is in advanced negotiations with Google to make programming available via a branded channel on the search giant’s video-sharing site, can reveal.

It is understood that BBC executives are keen that the deal, which involves BBC Worldwide and the BBC, is eventually expanded to include putting content on Google-owned YouTube.

BBC Worldwide is understood to be looking at commercial options for the agreement, such as a share on contextual advertising that will run alongside BBC content.

This would mirror the type of deal that YouTube has in place with US sports organisation NHL.

The BBC will use Google Video as a vehicle to raise the profile of its content by posting clips of popular programming.

View: Guardian News

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Have been quite chilled

Didn’t necessarily achieve much this weekend. Did tidy up our place some, manage a long walk, but mainly about relaxing. Which is good. I think my main aim for this week is to get back on with some reading. Have started the first Vernon God Little book (okay, the only one thus far) and have enjoyed it, but need to get into it a bit more. May set up on the sofa tonight and plough through it. Have managed quite well last week at getting into my tech books, but need some balance to keep me vaguely sane.


This brief post is inspired by Wonderduck

Mr Wonderduck has pointed out in comments to a previous post that he does not have broadband. This makes me sad, as it has totally changed my internet experience. I think I have had it for roughly 5 years now, and I just can’t imagine being without. Actually I can, I remember all the time before, and the shock of using dial-up very occasionally at other friends houses. It isn’t perfect yet, could be far far faster and cheaper, but tonight when I get home I am going to kiss my cable modem and be thankful for what I have got.

Podcasts – Year Two

Well I was thinking on the bus into work today, I’ve been listening to podcasts on my iPod for nearly a year now, and was wondering what I have stuck with. I’ve tried a lot of different ones, but there are only a few that I have really been taken with.

Formula Pod

A Formula One podcast made by two rapid F1 fans from the states. These guys really know their stuff, but present it in a really amusing and laid-back fashion.

Adam Curry

The podfather. It isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it is a nice cross between proper radio show and audio blog, and keeps you up to date on the podcast community and tech stuff as a whole. And he is a good presenter.

Off the Hook/Off the Wall

Very odd and highly idiosyncratic pair of podcasts from a team of New York geeks. They are both shows that originate on Public Broadcast Radio, and have quite a loose feel to them. The former is essentially from a team of old school phone hackers, that have moved onto bigger and greater things. The latter is almost an audio blog for Emmanuel Bernstein, who is part of the Off the Hook show, and follows his interests and travels. Both shows have an admirable attitude to the rights of the individual, and the dangers of the encroachment of big business and government on those rights. Whilst they are clearly very American in some ways, their beliefs and attitudes are much more global, and they are often refreshing voices of sanity to hear with an American accent.

Fighting Talk

A simple podcast of a BBC Radio 5 show, but one of the funniest sports shows in existence. Not on every week of the year, which is a crying shame.

Webtalk Radio

Quite the geekcast, a small round table discussion of current web stories. Goes into a hell of a lot of depth, whilst not being overly complicated.

A good place to start looking, other than iTunes (which I have to admit is a sod to navigate for podcasts) is Now I am told, and am going to try this tonight, you can drag the link for an rss feed containing podcasts directly into iTunes. Will report on this later.

EDIT: You can, it works really well.