So I’ve got a bonus this month, and thus am treating myself to an xbox. My mate T has been raving for the past few months about xbox live, and its about time I got to beat him down at Burnout, so I am going to sort it out. Going straight from work to the shops tonight. Afterwards I’m having a little meal out with mrsfb, so a fun evening for all.

*big happy new console face*

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Somewhat lacking in motivation for all the projects I want to do in my own time. I think I need to sit down
and refocus, split them into smaller bits. And then actually do them. It would be a good idea I reckon.

I was really tired in the evenings all last week, until I realised we had turned the heating back on for
the winter, and had it up just a little too high. Much more awake now

Looking into a site called Ning.com at the moment, it is a place where you can
build web-based apps very easily. Seems to do google map mashups quite easily, so will have to have
a play

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The longer slower Monday

Back to work, first full week in ages, and boy am I tired. Really tired. Self-inflicted staying up late watching sport when I should be in bed tired. Ah well, one day I will learn my lesson. Maybe.

Plan for this week, bit of work on some of the things that need doing for my sister’s French experience. I may even start trying to learn a bit more French, as that will come in handy I suspect. Oui, I shall.

Right, coffee with me, podcasts to listen to, oh yes, and work to do as well. Lets go.

The joy of Sopranos

We’ve had a new tv channel start here this week, More4, which is an extension of the Channel 4 brand. It is pretty good, but the key thing they have done is to start showing The Sopranos from the first episode. Now, I didn’t see it when it was first on, and when I did start to express an interest, fans told me “You have to see it from the start”. So this is what I am doing, and I have to say, it is fucking fantastic. I am so glad I made the effort, because it is just so beautifully done. You can’t beat an hour of quality tv a night, and the prospect of it going on for the best part of a year four times a week is frankly magnificent.

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Back in action

Just getting back into the swing of things now. Had a great two week break, including a week in the south of France visiting my sister, which was also possibly the longest I have been offline in two years. Odd being away from it all, even my mobile. In a nice way, read loads, talked loads. In the main, just relaxed. Not that I am a massive one for stress, I am lucky with my work in that respect, but still, I am so chilled at the moment I could sleep on my desk quite happily.

Lots to do, websites to design for a couple of people, so I am taking the opportunity to try and update my css skills, and do a better job. The idea is ultimately that I will then use those to improve the look and feel of here. That may be a few months away, but I may tinker a bit in the meantime. Fear change.

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