So I’ve got a bonus this month, and thus am treating myself to an xbox. My mate T has been raving for the past few months about xbox live, and its about time I got to beat him down at Burnout, so I am going to sort it out. Going straight from work to the shops tonight. Afterwards I’m having a little meal out with mrsfb, so a fun evening for all.

*big happy new console face*

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Somewhat lacking in motivation for all the projects I want to do in my own time. I think I need to sit down
and refocus, split them into smaller bits. And then actually do them. It would be a good idea I reckon.

I was really tired in the evenings all last week, until I realised we had turned the heating back on for
the winter, and had it up just a little too high. Much more awake now

Looking into a site called Ning.com at the moment, it is a place where you can
build web-based apps very easily. Seems to do google map mashups quite easily, so will have to have
a play

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The longer slower Monday

Back to work, first full week in ages, and boy am I tired. Really tired. Self-inflicted staying up late watching sport when I should be in bed tired. Ah well, one day I will learn my lesson. Maybe.

Plan for this week, bit of work on some of the things that need doing for my sister’s French experience. I may even start trying to learn a bit more French, as that will come in handy I suspect. Oui, I shall.

Right, coffee with me, podcasts to listen to, oh yes, and work to do as well. Lets go.

The Long Alright Friday

Have been back at work nearly a week now, and I suspect today is going to drag somewhat. Got a few things to do this weekend, bit of web-learning to do, and want to write a couple of things, get ahead of myself on that count. Other than that, S’s parents are up to visit, so we get another trip to our favourite restaurant Next Door.

The joy of Sopranos

We’ve had a new tv channel start here this week, More4, which is an extension of the Channel 4 brand. It is pretty good, but the key thing they have done is to start showing The Sopranos from the first episode. Now, I didn’t see it when it was first on, and when I did start to express an interest, fans told me “You have to see it from the start”. So this is what I am doing, and I have to say, it is fucking fantastic. I am so glad I made the effort, because it is just so beautifully done. You can’t beat an hour of quality tv a night, and the prospect of it going on for the best part of a year four times a week is frankly magnificent.

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Back in action

Just getting back into the swing of things now. Had a great two week break, including a week in the south of France visiting my sister, which was also possibly the longest I have been offline in two years. Odd being away from it all, even my mobile. In a nice way, read loads, talked loads. In the main, just relaxed. Not that I am a massive one for stress, I am lucky with my work in that respect, but still, I am so chilled at the moment I could sleep on my desk quite happily.

Lots to do, websites to design for a couple of people, so I am taking the opportunity to try and update my css skills, and do a better job. The idea is ultimately that I will then use those to improve the look and feel of here. That may be a few months away, but I may tinker a bit in the meantime. Fear change.

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