YAG – Yet Another Gadget

Look over to the right, and down a little bit. I’ve added in a flickr bar, which shows the latest 3 pics I have uploaded to my flickr account. Now, I can happily upload images to this website itself, but the joy of flickr is I can MMS photos I take on my mobile to flickr, and they go online almost instantly. At the moment you may well be able to see a strange looking fellow there, that may or may not be flotsky.

Very impressed with this, so easy to set up (I did the whole thing, setting up the account, setting up the code, putting it in Blogger and uploading a pic in about 20 minutes, and that wasn’t particularly down to ability, it is just nicely done).


Watch The Lego Batman Movie (2017) Movie Online Streaming & Download


Quality : HD
Title : The Lego Batman Movie
Director : Chris McKay.
Writer : Chris McKenna,Erik Sommers,Seth Grahame-Smith.
Release : 2017-02-08
Language : English.
Runtime : 104 min.
Genre : Fantasy, Action, Animation, Comedy, Family.

Synopsis :
Movie The Lego Batman Movie was released in February 8, 2017 in genre Fantasy. Chris McKay was directed this movie and starring by Will Arnett. This movie tell story about In the irreverent spirit of fun that made “The Lego Movie” a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble—Lego Batman—stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.



Cool breeze blowing in through my window this morning. I was almost cold. It was fucking fantastic.

I am presently listening to an Oracle podcast (the Database people, not the teletext creators. It is high on the dull scale of podcasts, but worthy from a learning and work sense. I may have to listen to the videogamenews.com podcast to make up for it next.

Its still hot. Record books are being checked

Mellow weekend. Didn’t achieve much, didn’t set out too. Sat out in the park on Saturday, alternating between resting in the shade of a tall tree, and playing diabolo. I’ve still got it, I can throw my diabolo way up in the air and catch it without it smacking into my face. I don’t look forwards to the day I find I haven’t got it anymore.

Bought and assembled a new barbecue, and most of the parts ended up where they should go, so I consider that a major success. Cooked what are fast becoming my patented chilli-lamb kebabs on it. I intend to use it whenever I can this year, if its going to be this hot, I may as well be outside with a glass of wine rather than sweating in the kitchen. I have a thermometer in there, and it has got up to 33C in our kitchen recently.


Now well into early 2003 in terms of copying old posts across to this blog. Very odd re-reading your life of the past two years. Must try and do a bit more of what I have siad I’d do. Or not.

My good friend TM whom I visited a couple of weekends ago has had an affect on me, and got me sipping Peppermint tea from time to time now. It is very refreshing, and also caffine-free, which cannot be a bad thing for me, the coffee-addict that I am. Will have to get a larger supply in.

I realised last night I forgot to mention my other obsession at the moment, the number puzzle Sudoko. I realise I may be the very last person on this bandwagon, but I am loving them, have a couple of books of them now I take on bus journeys and the like. Good for helping to tax my brain a little.

Also, last night for the first time I watched some TV Poker. And felt myself starting to get it. I may have to start playing myself. Don’t worry, I don’t do proper gambling for money or anything. I have known since an early age when it comes to betting I have zero luck. I may however download a version for my phone, I have a version of Blackjack I have been playing on my mobile for months, which is a good little travel diversion.

Been busy updating this here website

Right, I have redesigned a lot of pages on this site now. Hopefully, the vast majority should look like the main blog page, and all the links should point to pages that look like this too. If you are looking around, and notice any mistakes, I’d be most grateful if you would let me know (hint hint, look around quickly if you have time, see if you can break it for me). I now run a stats package for the site called Urchin, which lets me see (amongst many other things) what errors crop up, so I am watching that at the moment. Although probably not right this second. Very happy with it so far.

In addition as part of this burst of energy, I have updated the blog archive to go back as far as September 2004. I eventually want to copy across the old diary entries back as far as when I started doing them in 2002, just so I have them all in the same format. I’ll get there one day.

One thing I realised I haven’t been doing is explaining what the other links on here are. Will start putting that right now, and will explain each one in turn every so often. Lets start with Likes, which is list of some of the things I am most passionate about.

Coffee, the friend of the damned

Tired after a long fun weekend. Drinking locally on Friday, then off to see mates in Reading on Saturday. Both great nights. Then Sunday was ambling back from Reading on the train, and then enjoying the British GP and stage 9 of the Tour de France. Button looked on Saturday like he might have a chance of his first victory, but in the end he was off the pace by some way. The Tour had a fantastic solo ride by a Dutch rider, well worth seeing

Friday night introduced me to the joys of 70s Welsh Rockers Budgie, the Beach Boys live at Knebworth dvd, and made me a lot more interested in the Super Furry Animals, which was all good.

Google Suggest Firefox Extension

Google Suggest for Firefox

This extension autofills your google search bar with what it thinks is the most likely result. It is very quick, and works well. What I am interested in is if this can be used for other search extensions. Both in terms of them using Google to suggest results, or using other sources, which may be a harder part. If I get chance, I am going to look at the code