Have I really been here?

I’m not sure I have actually properly been blogging this week. Sort of floated around, rather than actually said anything I have been up to. Well I am here now, in some sort of shape and manner. Quite tired actually, probably could do with a decent lie-in this weekend. We’re going to go and see a film this weekend, The Wedding Crashers, almost consiously chosen something light and unchallenging. Should be fun.

I’ve got a nice thing sorted on my laptop, have got linux up and running with working wireless, which has been my holy grail for ages, and the thing that has prevented me moving over. So now the intention is to only use linux on the laptop, with the pc for my itunes and games etc. I need to learn more about linux for my job, and the only way that is going to happen is if I can use it every day, get into the way of it. So this is all a good thing.

Still thinking hard, occasionally, about doing a podcast. I love to ride the zeitgeist like a bitch, even if its after most other people have had a go first. I think I might have a bash this weekend, just a short one, see how I sound. If its not terrible beyond belief, I may even put it up here. I shall name it, originally, the flotskycast.

Link for today, got to love digg.com blogging, links, tagging mashup that just works nicely. You will notice below a couple of posts with links from there, it is set up so that if I see a story I like, I can blog it to here very easily. I have to play with it a bit to get my tagging sorted, but that is not insurmountable, and I may even be able to do something with greasemonkey to sort that out. Hmmm, digg tagging.

The essential Greasemonkey Scripts

Okay, I have raved about Greasemonkey before. It is an extension for Firefox which allows you to load scripts into your browser that can alter how web pages look and behave. The main reasons for this are to either fix a site that doesn’t work well or look good, or to provide extra functionality to a site.

Anyway, I have to reinstall firefox on my main machine, and do another install on my laptop in linux, so it seemed like a good time to list out my favourite scripts:

Recipe I wanted to remember

Saw this posted on a messageboard, and thought I’d hang onto it here.

BBBQS (bootys BBQ special)

de-bone a leg of lamb and marinate it in a
rub of lemongrass, spring onions, cumin, dried chilli, ginger, garlic,
olive oil and seasoning. Then cover in foil and put in the oven for
about 35 minutes for a half-leg. Now take it out and put it on the
bbq, keep turning it until the outside has a charred crust. Leave it
to rest for 10 mins and then slice it super thin, it should be nice
and pink.

Pile the meat on a big platter (there will be loads) and serve with
warmed pitta, mint yoghurt and rocket, people can make there own
sarnies up.

Sounds nice, don’t it.

Lazy Lazy Weekend

Man, what a top weekend of mostly doing nothing worthwhile. Chilling out with mrsfb, watching telly, generally taking it nice and easy. I am so relaxed, I just fancy putting my head down on my desk, and sleeping until hometime.

We did manage a walk up to our favourite almost in the country pub, going along the river as a scenic detour (as you can see in the picture above I sent to my flickr account along the way). Slowly got warmer and less overcast the closer we got, so managed a couple of pints in the pub garden.

Going to spend today launching myself into the week, get some things done, and get caught up on the weekend in podcasting. Lofty aims all, I feel.