How I got into Motor Racing Part 1

Was thinking about this just the other day. I have no idea when I started watching Formula 1. According to my mum, I begged her to teach me to read when I was 3, because I wanted to be able to read the tv listings in the newspaper. I can only presume it was in order to watch sport, seeing as that has been my viewing of choice ever since. I am pretty confident that by the age of four I was a fairly regular viewer of BBC’s Grandstand and ITV’s World of Sport. I can clearly remember seeing Niki Lauda’s crash on the news, and seeing James Hunt win the world championship a few months later. And since then, I have been a devoted fan of it.

Except for one year. I believe it was the Belgium Grand Prix, in the early 80s (probably 81-82). There was an accident on the starting grid, where someone broke down before the start. A mechanic rushed out to assist, but then the race was started. Circumstance led to a car hitting the mechanic directly, breaking both his legs. It was pretty horrific, and I had nightmares about it.

I had, up until then, enjoyed seeing big crashes, and thought no more of the consequences. For some reason this hit home to me, I understood properly the dangers involved, and it really put me off for a while. I came back a wiser fan of motor racing, more appreciative of the drivers and what they did. Also having James Hunt starting to commentate over this period meant I learnt a hell of a lot (best colour commentator ever).

Big Blogger

So Big Brother 6 has now reached the stage of fruition. We now have several groups within the house, all plotting and planning against each other. It is a powderkeg waiting to be lit. And I hope to catch it doing so on the late-night live coverage. As long as there isn’t anything good on Eurosport at the time.

Tooth is now almost fixed, bit sore, but getting there.

The US Grand Prix was a incredible race, for all the wrong reasons. Only six cars started, and the only excitement was when Schumacher nearly smashed into his teammate. My take on the disaster was that it was all Bernie Ecclestone’s fault, and that hopefully this farce will speed the decline of his control on Formula 1. Somehow, I don’t think it will though.

Also, hello to the mighty Wonderduck, who I see from a couple of comments has come over to visit here from his blog I mentioned a few posts ago. Good to see you fella.

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Watching atheltics and being hot. Cooked a variant on this recipe yesterday, put in scallops instead of pineapple because, well, we had scallops, and I don’t like pineapple. Its very tasty, the noodles are gorgeous, and the fish was so tender and full of flavour. Tonight’s meal is grilled bream with a potato curry, which I am looking forwards to a lot.

After that, will watch the US Grand Prix, where Michelin are having some severe issues with their tyres, so could be an interesting race. In fact this season has been one of the more interesting in years, a lot more unpredictable, and some very close races.

Other blogs are also available

I have been wandering around some other blogs this morning, just to pass the time. There is some good writing going on out there in the blogsphere:

  • Wonderduck’s Pond – A good and new blog, mainly about F1
  • Lady Muck – Musings on TV and Film
  • Simon Pegg’s Stalker – Just a funny blog name
  • StavSport – Appears to now be a blogweb, but worth going back through, some funny posts in there

Makes you realise there is a lot that can be done with a blog, both in content and style.

Less pain, more gain

So I am now due a very ordinary filling on Monday, the pain is subsiding, and my teeth now look great. Almost American in their perfection. Well not quite, but much better.

I still have the last episode of The Thick of it to watch, which was absolutely fantastic. And there is a new series to come, which is highly good news too. Best political comedy in a very long time.

I still have a long term project of getting rid of all my VHS tapes, and copying everything worth keeping to DVD. Few nights ago I came upon a lovely surprise, of a Larry Sanders episode I never knew I had. Its one of the reasons I bother trawling through all the tapes, regardless of what is written on them. You never know. One thing I did know and copied was tape of my visit to Avebury for the Summer Solstice in 1996. Lots of footage of sunrise. Quite pretty actually.

Not quite so happy face

Going back to work tomorrow after 3 days off with a very nasty dose of cold. And just to make sure things are interesting, I also have a huge toothache. I am off to see the dentist on my lunchbreak. Hurrah.

Watched a couple of films crashed out on the sofa yesterday, thought it was about time I caught up on my dvd backlog, which is massive. Watched Office Space, which was funny but not the classic I was hoping it might be, and Shaun of the Dead, which is just damn good fun.

Off to apply bonjella and watch Emmerdale, both for my sins.