New iPod shuffle with 2GB and 4GB are Coming

Bigger shuffles. Good, I was hoping this would happen this year. Apparently the cost of the current ones has come down in the states as well. I’m very happy with my 40GB ipod (well I would be) but I may need to try and get other people like mrsfb into ipods soon, so I see the shuffles as a good place to start.

In other news, still not convinced about iTunes Podcasting. Have added and downloaded episodes of some podcasts, and a few are missing from where I would expect them to be on the ipod. Will have a dig tonight to see what is going on, but it is not ideal.


Phantasy Star Online Episode 4. Now playing.

It is here! Years have I waited for a new episode of Phantasy Star Online , and my opinion so far, is that it is good. Almost all new monsters. Swarm patterns of attacks. Some impervious to any gunfire whatsoever, so some thought involved. Big fat sprawling levels. And that is only in my first half hour of play. I’ll talk about it more in depth in a couple of days, but thus far, one happy flotsky. I must admit, I stuck GT4 on B-spec mode, and completed a championship whilst playing the first level a bit. Gaming multi-tasking is here to stay.


iTunes 4.9 is…a little disappointing

So, we now have podcasting in iTunes. And the news is, its a bit clunky. No mass adding, feeds like are missing, it is basically not as nice to use as Ipodder. Yet.

I’m a little disappointed in Apple. I know they will get it mainly right fairly quickly, but I kinda hoped they would get it right first time.

Still, its now built in, most of my feeds are there, and it is going to help take podcasting to a wider audience, which is good of course. And it is day one, so I should really cut them a bit more slack.


Okay, so now I get podcasting

This weekend, I finally got into podcasting properly. It all just
clicked into place. I have started using Ipodder to update
subscriptions properly, and started listening to a couple of shows I
hadn’t given time to yet. And I am very glad I did.

So what is podcasting? As far as I see it, it is a combination of a few technologies, namely audio-files and RSS feeds, using some of the same ideas that have helped to advance blogging. Someone can upload an audio file onto their web-space, and then use their RSS feed to let other people know that they have put their latest file online. I use a popular program called Ipodder which goes off and gets me those files. There are a wide away of podcast shows, music shows, talk shows, audio blogs, and much more.

I had actually updated to the latest version of Ipodder on Thursday,
and downloaded some new shows to try. But it was when I was shopping on Saturday morning, catching up on the latest Adam Curry’s Daily
Source Code
that I think I became properly hooked. Stuck on a bus in a traffic jam, this is the sort of downtime that you want to be exploiting properly.

Commuting, all the stolen time from your life.
Sure you can read, and yes I do need to that more. For me though, I quite enjoy reading sat at home, with a strong cup of freshly brewed tea to one side. When I am commuting (and in Oxford I am very lucky, my “commute” is 20 minutes bus and walking in the morning, and the same back, or if I am behaving myself, a 30 minutes walk) I am generally not in the mood to read, or am walking.

This is where the ipod has come in. It has also coincided with my
gradual move towards talk radio over the past year. I always liked
Radio 5, but Radio 4 has started to become important to me
as well, always listen to their news on a morning, and then to several
comedy shows on Listen Again over the course of a week.

So it has been quite an easy transition into listening to Adam
Curry’s show. I won’t go into his history, you can let him explain it
to you if you want. I have to say, I am finding it rather enjoyable.