BBC Backstage

BBC Backstage is an interesting little bit of the BBC site. They are encouraging people to make use of the rss feeds on the site and do something useful with them.
So far this has produced:

All very prototypy, but very impressive thus far.

Google World Domination pt 888303

Google Home Page is clearly their latest enterprise to run the world. A limited selection of RSS feeds, and
one of your gmail for starters. I suspect you will be able to configure the rss feeds later on. I would rather they did something mimicking Gmail for RSS feeds myself, but I think that sort of thing will come together over time. I’ll certainly have it set as my homepage for a little while, see what they start doing with it over the next few weeks.


Well not mine, but Nintendo’s. I have achieved nothing approaching such this past weekend, took it incredibly easy. Which was much needed.

Anyways, to business. Details starting to emerge about the revolution, it is the size of 3 dvd cases stuck together, it has wireless controllers and wireless broadband connections, and it is called revolution. That is it. It is not THIS unfortunately, which is a fake, but an awesome fake that should exist, in a fair and just world.

Blue Burst

Have now downloaded Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst for the PC, and now they have the servers set up, will hopefully be playing that tonight. Suspect it will mainly be nothing new until the actual launch, where they will bring out a whole round of new content, but will have a bash and start building up a character I reckons. Has a new team function, which is essentially Clans for PSO, will be looking forwards to trying that out

Have been reading up on XML etc today. Bit perplexed actually, understand the basics of it, what I don’t get is how I am required to use it. Need to have a good hard think about that today, see if I can get it to come together in my head.

It would be wonderful if it was the weekend today. Round about now would be ideal.

And finally, firefox 1.0.4 is now out, definitely worth updating, get the latest security fixes you need to have.

Much more lively

Have slept well for what seems the first time in ages, and thus the brain and suchlike are behaving far more like they are supposed to. Which is a lovely and wonderful thing.

Need to start getting my head around XML and 3-4 other related technologies very soon. Have almost finished the first phase of my main project, which has only taken I think about a year and a half. Ouch. That’s time I’m never getting back you know.


awake. Very poor night’s sleep. Dreamt I was in a bus crash, caused by a suicidal bus driver. I was ultimately fine, but it was still a bit odd.

Having my usual listen to fighting talk on the BBC’s listen again site. This is a show built for me, sport, humour, rubbish, it is all there. Oh and Bob Mills quite often too.


As I said yesterday, I need to get my thoughts together. I am learning some javascript, and finding out more about greasemonkey, css and dhtml. It is all starting to fit together, especially when I start to see Opera using greasemonkey scripts, and the Tiger OSX build for Macs introducing the Widget, which is not a funny plastic thing in the bottom of a can, but a tiny app written in Javascript and dss which gives you a small chunk of functionality you can call from anywhere.

Basically, there is something in it. Where I am personally interested is in adding functionality to web pages, take a resource that someone has created, and give it more. As an example off top of my head, I like the imdb site for finding out details about films and actors. But it is a bit plain, and you often don’t get a photo of the actor (if they are obscure). This is fine, it has been designed to deliver information quickly. But I could write a script potentially to redesign it to my tastes. I could alter the look and feel of the site, and also say run a query at the same time on google images, and display the first 10 pictures it finds all in one page. Possibly.

geekily interesting stuff anyways


Wow, I have a lot to write about. Unfortunately it is all geek stuff, don’t worry,

I haven’t got anything exciting to tell. Will try and get this all up over the
next few days.

Right, first up then is, which is a social bookmark manager. Save sites to here as your favourites, look them up from any computer. You “tag” bookmarks, which means that when you save them, you enter keywords at the same time, which groups them together by theme nicely. You can then also easily see what other people have saved under the same theme.

Now this is all very nice on its own, but you can also do a lot with it under Firefox, such as right click to add any site you are on, and a sidebar with all your current bookmarks. Lots of .rss feeds on the site too, something I always like to see.

I will explain more about the Firefox stuff soon, but in the meantime have a look at to see mine. May well link to that directly for my links section too.