Well not mine, but Nintendo’s. I have achieved nothing approaching such this past weekend, took it incredibly easy. Which was much needed. Anyways, to business. Details starting to emerge about the revolution, it is the size of 3 dvd cases stuck together, it has wireless controllers and wireless broadband connections, and it is called revolution. […]


awake. Very poor night’s sleep. Dreamt I was in a bus crash, caused by a suicidal bus driver. I was ultimately fine, but it was still a bit odd. Having my usual listen to fighting talk on the BBC’s listen again site. This is a show built for me, sport, humour, rubbish, it is all […]


As I said yesterday, I need to get my thoughts together. I am learning some javascript, and finding out more about greasemonkey, css and dhtml. It is all starting to fit together, especially when I start to see Opera using greasemonkey scripts, and the Tiger OSX build for Macs introducing the Widget, which is not […]


Wow, I have a lot to write about. Unfortunately it is all geek stuff, don’t worry, I haven’t got anything exciting to tell. Will try and get this all up over the next few days. Right, first up then is, which is a social bookmark manager. Save sites to here as your favourites, look […]