not Awake

Sorted out for a trip to London tomorrow to see some mates. Hoping I can fit in a visit to Cybercandy which is basically my favourite sweet shop in the world. Hoping I can finally find in stock the holy grail that is white chocolate reeces pieces. I could always order off the site, but in some ways I enjoy the randomness that is the shop, you just never know what you are going to find there. Pocky goodness too.

highly unawake today, am mainlining coffee at the moment in the hope that it vaguely rouses me into conciousness. Would be helpful. Have the ipod on my playlist of top flotsky songs, again to try and engage my brain.

I think I am going to try and reawaken my interest in reading, and I think I am going to start with the basics, get a new copy of breakfast of champions and dive back in. I am shamefaced to admit I have only read one book this year, Douglas Copeland’s Microserfs, and even then I really should have read that several years ago. I actually found it a little depressing, in that even Microsoft sounded a fun work environment to me. Don’t take that the wrong way, very good book.

Joy Unbounded

Got a nice bonus this month from work. Very pleased with that, some funds for a holiday and some stuff. Have invested a princely £30 in a 1GB USB key that means I can finally set up a project I have fancied doing for ages, namely a bootable version of linux on a USB key, so I can carry a whole operating system on my keyring. Bit o’luck I should have that to play with tomorrow night.

Have been enjoying this site, A blog of an occasional East Enders writer . It reads a bit like Ed Reardon’s Week, which is a cracking comedy on radio 4 about a hapless writer. Obviously this chap is somewhat more successful, but still worth flipping through the archives for a few gems.

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Bloody Windy

Slept badly again last night, got an early night, and then was kept awake for a few hours by the mother of all storms. It was very windy, one of our garden chairs was halfway down the garden this morning, almost in my new crap rockery, or crockery as I now think of it. Still, good to see the plants I put in there at the weekend are still looking alright. I was worried the wind might trash them somewhat.

We are off to see a friend of S for a night tomorrow, and then as we are passing through London, are hoping on the way back we can get into Tate Modern for a few hours. We went there a couple of years ago and loved it, so hopefully now a lot will have changed there. Other than that, hoping sunday to finish off the crockery, get the top level dug out. Once that is done, there is a large pile of leaves and earth to be sifted and sorted out, then I can think what to do with the top bit.

Damn Tired

Had a late night Sunday, felt not too bad. Had a early night last night, feel like death, just cannot wake up yet. One of those cases where autopilot does everything from getting you out of bed to you having been sat at work for 15 minutes. Actually that is pretty cool that you can do that without functioning properly. I am very glad to be wearing clothes mind.

Dans le Garden

Knackered today, spent most of yesterday afternoon in the garden. I now have a feature developing that could loosely be described as a rockery, with various things planted in it. Must start getting pics up at some stage, I have been trying to take them as I go along this year. It still isn’t looking neat, but it is certainly a lot closer to tidy than it has done for some time.

Still playing Mr Driller, although my enthusiasm may be about to start the waning period. However we are going to woking on Friday, so it might pick up for the train journey.

We also managed a massive walk along the river on Saturday, about 2 and a half hours, plus a pub break halfway. Then a massive Chinese meal, and finished off with watching Lost in Translation, which is a great film, nothing much happens, but to be honest, you don’t care.