And so I am 33. Hurrah for me. I shall celebrated by writing Perl, a little

HTML, and more Perl. Actually, to be fair, I am looking forwards to a nice
birthday tea cooked for me by S’s fair hand, I’m just being pissy cos I have
to work rather than take it easy at home. And even then I could have booked a
day off if I had been more organised. So I only have myself to blame.
Still, it should be an automatic holiday to have your birthday off, if only so
you can drink yourself into a stupor celebrating your extra wrinkles.

And maybe another day off to recover

One of my pressies from S was Lost in Translation, which I am looking forwards to
watching a lot, heard a lot of good things about it.

No sign of the DS as of yet. Early days, but I am holding onto the offchance that
I might get it for me birthday.


Managed to spend some time in our garden yesterday. I am trying to tidy it up, and am finally attacking a large mound of cuttings, junk and general crap that was piled at the back kindly by the previous residents. I’ve got through three bags this weekend, and not the first go I have had at it. I have got down far enough to find the frame of a small childs bike.

Still, it is starting to make a difference, if not quite being approaching nice. I should start photographing it, if for no other reason that to shame myself into keeping going with it. What I want ideally, is to get rid of the junk, both at that end, and in the gap between the patio and the house.
Get the back bit grassed over, as there is not a lot you can do with it. Tidy up the lawn, plant out the border with lots of flowers, and then sort out my herb garden so it has, well, more herbs in it. In fairness to myself, I have cut back and cleaned up a fair bit thus far. I have managed some time in the garden most weekends since Christmas, which is far over and above a personal best for me. I don’t think I want to get into gardening, I just want it sorted and nice, and also to get it to a point where it is easier to maintain.


Have been thinking, I reckon I will try and write a detailed review of the DS when I get it, keeps me busy. So what do I expect, what am I waiting to see? Well, firstly I want to see how the two screens work together, can you focus on both, or is the second a distraction? How well does the touch screen work, what does it add to the control? I like touch screens a lot, I have done a bit of work on a Smartboard at work. It is basically an electronic blackboard, you project the image from a computer onto it, and you can then write over the image, and also control the computer via touch. It was quite freaky the first time I physically dragged files into a folder with my finger but it actually made a lot of sense, far more natural than using a mouse. Surfing the internet was cool too, you move around pages far faster. So as I say, I am very intrigued to see how this translates into gaming.

I am also interested to see if the wireless works. I might not get very far, as I don’t think there are any wireless
games yet (in so far as could I connect to my wireless router, rather than another DS). And finally for the moment, I want to see what GBA games look like on it. That is one of my main reasons for getting it for starters, having something nicer to play some of my favourite games on. Obviously I am looking forwards to new games, but I do have some great GBA games I wish to continue playing.

Yay Nintendo

All sorted, DS should be arriving next week. *happy face* Also missed that it comes with a demo of Wario Ware, which should be good fun to mess about with (its probably the “most built for using the touchscreen” game). Already have read about some people trying to get a version of linux up and running on the DS, be very interested to see if they manage that.

Also noticed in Edge this month mentions being made of PSO Universe, which I can’t wait to find out more about. Will have a dig. Am presently halfway through a day of pure Lotus Notes design. Joy.


You know when you reach one of those balanced points in life? My main aim this evening, apart from chilling with S is to pay off half of my second big mortgage on Animal Crossing. I think the blog is about as good as I want it to be.

I suspect I need a new geek project too. Mind you, I was going to copy all my videos onto DVD. Hmmm. And rip all my CDs. But these are not such enticing jobs.

Went to fopp in Reading at the weekend, and got 3 kraftwerk albums, and two mix albums by A Guy called Gerald and Les
Rythymes Digitales respectively. For £21. I love fopp.

I was going to do the downloads thing wasn’t I? maybe I’ll start on that.


Might have an opportunity to get a Nintendo DS early. Need to make a phone call tomorrow, to find out if I still can. Would like that a lot. Looking forwards to that whenever I get it though.

Also, Gran Tourismo 4 is out March 9th. Might not get it day of release, but I won’t wait too long. Lots of gameplay in that I suspect.

Have been mainly writing sql and documents the past few days, could do with actually coding something for a bit. Have to do a fair bit of Access stuff which I would rather not over the next few months too. Ah well, its all experience innit. just would rather be writing new stuff that excites me. Do have such things to do as well, which is something.