I hate money sometimes

Sorting out your finances and accounts is a right pain. If I ever get rich, I am so getting accountants to sort it all for me. Its not that I don’t know what I am doing, I just would rather not be doing.

At least its mostly out of the way for another month. I’m up late and appear to be watching Australian touring cars. That suggests even to me it is time for bed.


Head is spinning, have just been doing some sql where the task was to query across three tables unioned together, and then link this in different ways 4 times.

Thus a twelve table query. It looks like shit, runs like shit, but it is probably the best way to get what I am after in this instance. But my brain hurts.
A lot

was ill yesterday, bit out of it with a sore throat and a heavy head. Need a chilled time for a little bit. Have been paid, am in the process of
doing the card and pressie buying that this time of year means to our family. Its virtually a mini-christmas all told. Still, that includes me too, so I can’t complain.

More ideas

Might write a firefox search extension tonight for tvcream. Shouldn’t take very long. Then I can have a whole catalogue of (two) things I have written. Woo the excitement.

The other thing I intend to do is write some how-to guides for doing things like that. I love it when
I find a nice simple guide to a task online, so where I have figured out how to do something simple, it
makes sense to give a bit back. The search extensions are screamingly easy

Hopefully will have been paid by tomorrow. Was paid in the middle of last month, so have had to stretch
my money out a bit. Won’t last of course. Never does.

Current TV I am watching included Shameless, which is brilliant, and I can’t believe I avoided the
first series now, and Desperate Housewives, which is just good dross.

Firefox Done

Right, tonight I have done the search engine plugins for firefox. I’ve created one for Google Images, and one for TV Cream. If you have firefox, you know the google search bar? Well you can search other search engines from there too.

If you are interested, let me know. If I have time tomorrow, I will set up a downloads section and stick them in there. Open source baby!

Working much better

Okay, so now the rss feed works proper, as do the links, as does the commenting. I am a genius. Okay, I am alright at messing with some scripts that other people wrote beautifully. Still, its a sense of achivement anyways.

I think the last thing I want to set up for the moment is allowing me to post from a browser, then I think I will concentrate on actually writing the diary again.

T got me listening to the Infinite Livez album a couple of weeks back. Its mental rap, well worth a listen. The description we agreed on was “if GLC are Ali G, then Infinite Livez is Chris Morris”. Barking in the best way