Coffee is your friend

London was good, managed to learn a lot about the exciting world of PL/SQL. May well mean I start writing a lot of stuff in that, as it is certainly very useful. Will be investigating some things to do with that today. Also visited good mates TnB over the weekend, and swapped Christmas pressies. I know have the Sega Superstars EyeToy game, which is entirely worthy. There is a Super Monkey Ball game where you control the ball as if you were a kid pretending to be an aeroplane, which is sheer comedy (and tough on the arms too). Will have a good go of that this weekend, along with the dance mat I picked up recently

Not quite a cobweb, but close

Just got to get my writing mojo back basically, not feeling that inspired right at this moment. Hmmmm. Will try and knock out more soon, just not been that bothered to update. Off to London for two days for another course, will be hoping to try and get my brain going a little whilst I am down there. What is amazing is that despite my laziness, traffic to this little dull corner of the internet seems to be as high as ever. Lots of search engines like to come and have a look (hello to all the search engines) but enough real vistors to be a surprise.

Protect yo neck

ODB died over the weekend. Very sad, especially as he was recording a new album. He will be missed. I am wearing a black hoodie in tribute.

As we found the fop shop in Reading, I have some more good music to listen to. This is all good. I have an U-Roy compilation to hear sometime soon. And 2 CDs of Northern Soul.

Nearly the weekend

And so off to Reading tomorrow. Will be cooking a big fat Mexican meal tonight, can’t wait for that meself. Then some shopping and relaxing with friends. Its bloody cold already, and its supposed to drop below freezing at some point this weekend. Really should bring in my little outdoor cactus tonight. My cactii have been going great guns lately ,I think I should get some more soon

Right, off home shortly. Yay!

Official Firefox 1.0 out now

Sorry, thats my browser advert for the day out of the way. Firefox as a browser is a constant delight, I very occasionally have to go back and use Internet Explorer, and its like the difference between a racing car and and a Skoda. Its designed how I want it, cos I can set it up how I want it. Simple really.

I’ve also just downloaded the homeland security threat level extension, that tells me how safe the world is in a little icon at the bottom of my browser. Well, saves me reading the news don’t it?