Things I like about today

It is Friday, that is good. I am nearly precisely 16 stone (1 pound to go) which is something very good. My Beastie Boys t-shirt is clean for tomorrow. Did I mention it was Friday?

Today is my annual review day, something I always face with fear and dread, and generally come out okay from. Just my way of being generally I suspect. Better go and polish my papers for it.


Not used to these 5 day weeks, this is a long week to me. Ah well, not that long to go now. Watched Deuce Bigalow last night, suprisingly funny dumbass comedy. Also The Grid, which is the BBC’s answer to 24 except much shorter (3 1.5 hour shows). Very gripping, can’t wait for the final episode tonight.

Writing writing writing, going to think about my writing tonight honest. At least read through what I have. That is the plan

Things and stuff and stuff and things

Presentation went alright, so no worries there. Just now need to actually do what I said I would, which will take the best part of a year. Keeps me busy anyways. May have to look at learning PLSQL, which looks very exciting, really.

Oh good, we have people drilling outside my window. What joy.

I am currently trying to complete the final set of races on F-Zero, a task I have put off for some time. It is beyond tricky for me even on the easiest setting. My wrists may give in before I do.

Late Rabbit Late Rabbit Late Rabbit

Wow, didn’t think it had been 6 days since I updated. Just been busy with life and work n stuff. Doing my first presentation today for quite a few years. Had to dust off my knowledge of Powerpoint and everything. Looks okay, just hope I don’t bore people too much. When it comes to such business things, I can be awfully dry. I’m not that scared of public speaking, I just don’t find myself to be that good at it.

Spaced is still proving to be a quality purchase, I really should put a link to it on Amazon or something here. Sometime anyways.

Going to try and motivate myself to do a little reading tonight, been a while. I am lacking in motivation at the moment, not in a negative way necessarily, more purely in a lazy way, and I do need to try and fight that. Will get there. Also am wavering just above the 16 stone mark. If I am better behaved this week I reckon I can dip under it. Few more walks, few less snacks is the key.

White Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit


Firstly, good luck to my sister who I think is just a day into her new power job. Hope she is enjoying it!

Good break from work and all. Hid out in Reading with mates, drinking too much, eating good food, buying too many candles for some reason (not actually associated with the drinking too much either). Got lots of fun stuff too, like a new Beastie Boys t-shirt, and the complete boxed set of Spaced, which is fantastic, S and I are working through those at two a night. Have also been watching some more Curb your Enthusiasm, saw the pilot last night, which includes Larry David doing some astonishing stand-up, well worth seeing.

In a gaming lull at the moment. Maybe I should get back to PSO for a little while, haven’t played that in far far too long. Yep, thats what I am going to do I have decided as I write this.