Been playing too much PSO, Burnout 3 and Animal Crossing. And loving it, fantastic triplet of games to be working on. Have the new Pokemon game for the GBA to come in a few days as well, so in absolute gaming heaven here at the moment. Burnout 3 is just edging it at the moment, really intense gaming, and I knows I have a fair old bit of work to do in it. You need to get the better cars to survive in the online modes properly, and they have to be unlocked. Will keep my late evenings busy for the next few months I suspect

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Its the weekend (almost)

Well, I know have Animal Crossing for the gamecube, and it is mental and brilliant. It feels like really hard work, not because I’m not enjoying it, but because you have to do lots, jobs and errands, and you have to remember loads of things on your mental to do list. But it is a beautifully balanced game, so easy to pick up and play.

Busy weekend here, got three sets of friends coming in two days. Will be good debauched fun 🙂

Evening posting

Didn’t quite have time this morning to update. So here I am, first evening update in some time. By candlelight no less. Well some candles and some electric lighting, but it sounded good to me

Getting stuck into some PSO at the moment, enjoying that. Good battling. Have not been playing as much games for a while, now the winter is drawing in.

have given up on the linux project for a few days, was annoying me, so will come back to that soon


Spend last night trying to install linux on my old pc at home. Was expecting problems getting the new wireless card to work. Wasn’t expecting so many problems with the old hard drive. Grrr. Will have to spend some time working on that tonight again.

Did get back on with PSO last night, met up online with B for a session, still good. Played a gentle warm up, then got stuck into one of the new quests which was very heavy going. Think we are going to have to build up to that one.

Did have a go at PSO Blue Burst as well, but my Japanese is just not up to getting past the start screen (I don’t speak it at all btw). I will have to keep searching for a website telling me what to do here.

We came here to sleep and eat fruit, and we’re all out of fruit

Grrrr, sort of not pleased to be back at work, had a truely great lazy weekend, and could have done with at least another 5 days of it. Ah well, such is life. Fabulous Thai meal with S on Saturday night, really good spicey seafood.

Hopefully going to get back into PSO for a bit, will keep me occupied I reckons. Not that I am in need of additional things to play and laze about on. In fact Animal Crossing will be winging its way to me on Friday for just such purposes.

I also have a demo of PSO Blue Burst to try out on the PC. Its in Japanese, so it could be a little testing getting going with it, but I am just curious to see what it looks like. Could be a step along the way to Phantasy Star Universe.

And thats how they became the brady bunch

Hmmmm, I have tasted the air outside, and there is a definite suspiscion that it is friday. This is no bad thing whatsoever. The site appears to be heading for its best month ever in terms of readership btw, it has been improving month on month since I moved ISP a few months back. Very happy with this lot, I have to admit, lots of nice little tools to use.

Will not be up to much of consequence this weekend, might even write a couple of diary entries, you never know. Have been reading up on trying to use a wireless card under linux, one of my next little projects. It would appear to be an absolute swine. I have to say that I use Suse on my laptop as my linux distro, and for most things it is stunningly simple, but this one is a right pain. Need to investigate further I feel.


This the story, of a lovely lady

It doesn’t yet appear to be Friday, which is something of a disappointment frankly. Ah well, I’ll get over it.

Things I am interested in at the moment include the Pro-Hunting protest yesterday, which involved protestors getting onto the floor of the house of commons. Just plaing weird to see. The Pro-Hunters are claiming that the banning of their “sport” is undemocratic. For starters they seem to miss the irony that if they had protested in any other country in the world they would have been most likely shot for even attempting to protest in that manner. And for another, I knew when I voted for Labour that they were broadly anti-hunting. I think they should read the papers a little more.

I am also watching a lot of Fox News at the moment, just for fun. The thing that gets me (okay one of the 57 things that get me) about Fox is that when they cover something like Hurricane Ivan, they are tremendous, awesome resources to cover such things. Its when they get into politics that the constant bias and baiting of the Democrats becomes an issue.

This the story, of a man named Brady

Found a great extension yesterday for the FireFox browser, a thing called AdBlock. Which essentially does what it says on the tin. You need to visit a few pages with ads to configure it, but once you have done this you can be flying with it. Really speeds up your browsing. All Firefox needs now is to be able to save open tabs, then I think it is about perfect. There is a new version of it out now as well, which I am presently using, all seems good thus far.

Something beginning with T

I think, it is safe to say, that summer is on its way out. Its bloody freezing. Had a nice chilled evening, read through the latest chapter of my mate TM’s novel. Looks good to me, makes me jealous that he is doing so well knocking his out, his first drafts read really well. The way to get over my jealousy is easy WRITE SOME STUFF YERSELF!

Might have a bash over lunchtime today actually, sounds like a plan to me. Bit tired today, just a few late nights catching me up.

Have a few plans for little things to mess with about this very website, need to start making my project list. Think I am happy with the design, but want to experiment with a little more advanced programming, now I am starting to become such a crack developer (hah).

A fresh start to the week

I survived my annual review, in fact, it was pretty good as far as these things go, I was very happy with it all. Then the weekend included a visit from my mates E&I, had a very relaxing weekend. Also had a good time cookie veggie food all weekend, made (in my opinion) a spectacular veggie lasagne, which I will make again with more chilli to my taste. But even enjoyed the veggie sausages I had invested in, I think they are going to have to be one of my weekend breakfast options, very tasty. I am now precisely 16 stone as of this morning, but I don’t know now if that means I have made my first target, or if another pound needs to go. Regardless, its the lightest I have been for several months, and I now need to aim for the next stone. I do not know how long that is going to take, but I think I would like to be a little way along the line in time for christmas.