Been playing too much PSO, Burnout 3 and Animal Crossing. And loving it, fantastic triplet of games to be working on. Have the new Pokemon game for the GBA to come in a few days as well, so in absolute gaming heaven here at the moment. Burnout 3 is just edging it at the moment, […]


Spend last night trying to install linux on my old pc at home. Was expecting problems getting the new wireless card to work. Wasn’t expecting so many problems with the old hard drive. Grrr. Will have to spend some time working on that tonight again. Did get back on with PSO last night, met up […]

We came here to sleep and eat fruit, and we’re all out of fruit

Grrrr, sort of not pleased to be back at work, had a truely great lazy weekend, and could have done with at least another 5 days of it. Ah well, such is life. Fabulous Thai meal with S on Saturday night, really good spicey seafood. Hopefully going to get back into PSO for a bit, […]