And so another financial month begins

Will not winge about my finances for at least two weeks now. Not until I have blown this months.

Olympics is nearly over, has been a great two weeks for armchair atheletes like myself, be sad to see it finish. I suspect S will be less sorry.

Off to the glamour of Reading this weekend to see mates. You can’t get a train through Reading to London because of works, and it is also the Reading festival. So its bound to be really quiet and easy to get to. Oh yes.

(Editor’s note: I did manage to get to Reading by train. It was easy. However we decided to come back just when the festival was emptying out. So there was a queue of about 5000 people at the station. We elected to get a cab home. Only cost us £70. Ouch.)


Haven’t I been paid yet? Grrr

Twas the day before payday and….yes I am counting the minutes til I get paid. I love this time of the month, it fills me with glee and joy.

Really do need to get on with the writing thing now. Have got caught up with sorting and tweaking stuff following upgrading the pc to XP Service Pack 2. Joy. Its mainly okay, but the filesharing programs need some more tweaking to get them going. Will work more on that tonight.

Somewhat more motivated

Right, tonight what I want to do is sit down and have a long hard look at what I have written in story terms so far, and see what I can do with it. Do I want to carry on, do I want to rewrite it into something else, do I want to start something else entirely? These and other important things are my task for tonight.

Organised and sorted a lot of my stuff this weekend, got things in some form of order. Cleared out some things, suspect I should clear out more. Just trying to get rid of the useless junk in my life. S would probably suggest that I need a couple of skips for that, but I am talking within my twisted form of reasoning.

Really looking forwards to a long weekend over the Bank Holiday, hopefully going to get up to some fun stuff to pass the time.

Chugging along

Slept more last night, but conversely feel more tired today. Suspect I have the toll of a weird weekend catching up on me, so probably more sleep due tonight. Feeling a little better today, although still a little muted obviously

Am watching the Olympics wherever I can at the moment, keeps me occupied. Needs the athletics to get started to make it really worthwhile. And shut the papers up about our lack of medals.


Grandpa Flotsky died over the weekend, so feeling a bit low at the moment. He had made it to 84, so he hadn’t done bad, but he’d been very ill all year, and it just all caught up on him. Just feel for me folks and my Grandma at the moment, and miss him. Not in a very writey mood, so to speak. Thinking of him.