Nearly time for a new page I suspect…

So off to london I go on Sunday. I may have broadband in my hotel room, depends how much it cost to use it as to whether this gets updated next week. We shall see…

Feeling completely and utterly friday today, in my minds eye I am already sat in a wine bar sipping chilled wine. Not that many hours til I am.

Strange long week, I don’t think I am used to a five day week, think I’ve had a couple of short weeks lately. Ah well no work next week other than course.

Given the manhunt controversy in the papers, I’d like to see everyone who claims that video games cause violent thoughts and behaviour rounded up and beheaded.


Shake your body down

At the moment I am listening to a playlist on my mp3 player of about 2000 songs shuffled up. Its great, but it can catch you quite unawares when you have had two Fall tracks in a row, and all of a sudden a disco classic kicks in.

Did actually mow the lawn, which suprised even myself frankly. And repotted two cactii, so they have more room to grow. My garden looks bad, but my cactii are cool.

Have lost a very small amount of weight (pound or two at the moment). I have changed my eating habits somewhat, and started walking back from work most days. Shame not too in this lovely weather. I am determined to keep it up, but I am coming to the evil but inevitable conclusion that I need to do something else in the way of exercise as well. Actually, after fighting the garden last night (it was somewhat overgrown) I do think that gardening is no bad thing, but I need something a bit more than that. I may have to look at my bike at long long last.

And then think about actually riding the bloody thing.

Been Dazed and Confused for so long its not true

Got some cheap geektoys yesterday. Bluetooth dongle (easy at the back there) so I can link my phone to my laptop and swap stuff. Have thus been downloading lousy midi versions of songs to annoy people. Doing well so far, have Blue Monday and Rappers Delight, plus awful versions of Back in Black and the theme from Mash. Must see if I can find a program to create midi from mp3.

Also got a cd player for S which is missing several vital pieces, and thus far my communications with the company I bought it from have involved them reading my e-mail, picking out a random word, and answering something to do with that word, rather than actually reading the e-mail. I love that.

Have full intent to cut the lawn tonight. Re-potted a cactus last night (I live life on the edge).

Have just seen this, its a redesign of the Nintendo DS Looks bloody lovely frankly. And it will have a new PSO game on it. And they are doing a new PSO game for probably all the consoles 🙂 These are all very good things

Free from Busted

Avebury was great. I don’t know how many times I’ve been there, probably around 8 or 9 times now. But I love it so, always chills my mind a little. Good time with my mates after too, so all in all a good weekend.

Oh, no pics though, should have taken something appropriate really.

Off to London next week on a course, need to get myself sorted out for that, plan my time. Not sure when this will get updated, but hopefully there will be a larger update of all I wrote when I get back

More coffee? Why thank you


I appear to have year 3000 by Busted floating around my head. I’m sorry

Oh friday, the precusor to a three-day weekend, how I love you so. Bit fuzzy round the edges due to my wife’s encouragement for another G&T last night (its always someone else’s fault, never your own). But I’m fine, I will survive, I’m back from outer space etc.

(reads last bit back, worries a little that I might not be as fine as I thought). More coffee, lets try that as well.

Getting there now, almost sane enough for the rest of the day. Things to do, things to learn. Will hopefully be figuring out some graphic modules in Perl today. Well hopeful in the way that I need to figure it out, rather than a burning desire to do so.

Hopefully off to Avebury tomorrow, looking forwards to that, haven’t been for too long. Love it there, one of Britain’s most beautiful places for me. More pics of stones I should reckon.

oh baby I love you ways

title mainly due to reading a story about Peter Frampton suing a bikini manufacturer for putting his face on a bikini. insert your choice of “he looked like a right” etc joke here

Yesterday was a day of achievement, as I wrote some perl to connect to a database, and generate a webpage with the information from the database parsed into it. Its not a major thing, but it took me less than a day to figure it all out, and I feel quite proud about it. Might try it out on here, do something like a random quote generator or suchlike, its all good.

bit tired today, was watching a film “Dodgeball” last night, which is brilliant, Rip Torn and Ben Stiller are great in it. Its totally a dumb ass film, full of cheap laughs, but very full.

Instant Karma’s gonna getcha

Weird and fantastic news day. Linda Ronstadt has been thrown out of her own concert for causing a riot after dedicating a song to Michael Moore, and Fox News is being sued in the states under their version of the trade descriptions act for describing itself as “fair and balanced”. The world is spinning off-kilter today, but I like it from this angle.

Alright here, keeping up with most of my intents at the moment other than the novel writing, will try and push myself back into it tonight. Not convinced though about my choice of story at the moment, maybe need to rethink that, or try and come up with an idea for a short story to keep myself occupied on that front.

Also intrigued by the new version of “The Stepford Wives”, where the twist is that the community full of perfect women is due to a bunch of rich computer geeks making their own women. I don’t think that counts as a spoiler, seeing as its in the trailer, but I thought it might have been an idea to keep that back. Will also need to see Spiderman 2 at some point I suspect. Actually have a little backlog of films I want to see at the moment, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, School of Rock, Kill Bill 2, and Fahreinheit9-11. Suspect some DVD purchasing will be in order at some stage there.

dry yer eyes mate

I’m officially obessessed with the new The Streets song(that sentence is in fact gramatically correct, but still troubling). I want to record an answer record from a mate telling him to sort it all out, not be such a wuss, and anyhow she shagged the mate on the side anyways. Another side project for sometime.

Not as ill and dodgy as yesterday by a long stretch. And weight is still tipping slightly downwards.

Oh, and we seem to have been visited by both Canadians and Fillipino’s yesterday *big global wave*. And one to my sis too.

I don’t know what this game is, but I love the name: Run Like Hell

something by some blues player about how the night before the night before is still a problem

Friends wedding on Saturday, great time had by all, still feeling some of the effects, all my own fault, but I’ll get there. Saw loads of people I hadn’t really seen for about 10 years, very scary, but cool to see them. Will probably recount more when I feel up to it.

Operation writing loads didn’t really get anywhere, however operation be a bit less of a fat sod is getting moving a little bit, definitely shed a few pounds the last week. Walking more, not having late night snacks, and trying to improve my lunches a little all contributing. Will see how we go, but some slow progress is definitely working.

something by kate bush about clouds

Lousy day outside, the sort that makes you want to turn right around and break your leg the moment you step outside.

Stayed up late last night to watch “Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy” which is just a great comedy movie. Bombed apparently, which is such a shame, as it was outstandingly funny. Cruel and evil, but funny. Got some old episodes of Kids in the Hall, will have to watch those soon.

Do now have a camera phone, its lovely and silver and shiny and everything. Can post pics from it to e-mail, so if I see anything I like it will find its way here hopefully. Was suprised to find out how nice (relatively speaking) a picture of tv it took, so I now have a scene from Zelda on my phone as wallpaper. GEEKBOY!

Managed about 230 words last night, so did something, but I think I was mainly writing a short allegory for not being able to write, so I may well have to ditch that at some stage.