Excessive Linkage

Got some good sources of links going now. First off we have Newgrounds, which is home to all manner of things shockwave and flash. Also worthwhile for games specifically is FHM’s top 100 games which is a nicely written guide. Also from FHM comes FHM top 100 websites, which is a more esoteric selection that you would rightly suspect. Lastly Albino black sheep is another site in the vein of newgrounds.

Further Off Course

Have nearly finished Stupid White Men. If you ask me, you can borrow it when I’m done. Very thought-provoking. For one I don’t read enough. For another I don’t lend out enough books. And I should give more books to Oxfam, so I have space for more reading.

When I go on courses like this, I do enjoy the solitude in the evenings, it tends to make me think more. Its not something I like to make a habit of at all, but it is very healthy once in a while to have time to yourself when rather than just watching tellie, or relaxing in whatever way you see fit, you think. Gets the old brain cell moving, considering things from a different viewpoint to normal. I miss S, and I miss our home, even though I’m home tomorrow. Thats a good thing in my book 🙂

A sense of proportion

Penny Arcade one of the sites I have to check every day, has had a seise and desist letter from the trademark holders of Strawberry Shortcake. They did a parody of the “classic character” and now a little games site with a big readership is being threatened for no good reason. I hate IP law.

Thing that gets me is that I think they are lashing out, as Strawberry Shortcake is hardly the safest IP in the first place. I think people had been baking it for years somehow.

Previously on Blossom

A quick update in case you looked away. So we have been to war, which was deeply unsatisfying for pretty much everyone. We haven’t found any weapons of mass destrustion (WMD as they are now know, to save the world’s journalists fingers a little).

The proof that they did have them seems to have been made up by an office junior at MI6. The UN are now not to be allowed to check if there are any, we (the allies) will find them ourselves. Meanwhile back at home, it turns out we had undercover spies in Protestant terrorist groups, helping to kill catholics in the name of survaillence. So we have not only been funding and training terrorists, but carrying out terrorist actions. I hope the American government don’t read The Observer, or we are in deep deep shit.

I also heard three words yesterday that filled me with dread. America surely will not need to send any forces into Syria in hunt of Iraqis, now we have had a denial from the following gentleman. The “Syrian Information Minister”. I think they may be fucked.

Did I pause to play Phantasy Star Online, look up and suddenly find the world had gone fucking mental? perhaps. Perhaps I was just too caught up in things to notice it was always like that. No. Now I think about it, the world has gone slightly more fucking mental in the past couple of weeks.

Mind you, I have been playing a lot of Phantasy Star Online. I am currently trying to collect all the music cd’s you can buy in the game. They are barking, you get them from playing a button bashing game in a shop. You then can buy one of seven cd’s. If you use one it becomes the backing music for the whole level. The ones I have had so far are the wedding march, and something ridiculously J-pop.

Something else I got recently was the second volume of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin on DVD. Absolutely briliant.

Dreams of Childhood

For no apparent reason today I was thinking about dreams I had when I was young, about six or seven. I don’t tend to dream much these days. I think I sleep a lot less than I used to.

The first one was a nightmare. It wasn’t that long, and revolved around one thing. I was out in our back garden playing, when I heard a noise overhead. I looked up and a huge plane was flying low towards the house. It was the construction that was bizarre, it was like a massive biplane build out of brass piping. very open, square angles and tubular. It was spraying something over everything in its path. I turned and ran, but it was upon me straight away. I was covered in a strange clear liquid, that hurt. I ran inside crying, to my mum. End of dream.

The other one was a live action cartoon, in the style of Roger Rabbit (or I guess Bedknobs and Broomsticks, as I guess it was more of that time). Stylistically it was a lot darker than a Disney film though. Someone had captured this weird fluffy creature, and I and some other kids from my street went to save it. I think we were in Holland. The criminals were reminiscent of the stock villains from every Czechoslovakian kids drama. At the end, we all went home by means of walking over a giant bridge that had a lot in common with a rainbow. I remember the dream as lasting for hours.

More linkage

The Viewtiful Joe website. Awful name, possibly great game

The List of GC games being shown at E3. Looks fantastic basically. Game Zero unveiled. Mario Kart, Golf and Tennis all coming.

Nintendo’s plans for the future. No online, give people a gameboy player for buying a GC, and not being very online (apparently online gaming won’t catch on for a few years. Sony and Microsoft seem to disagree, but hey, what do they know about consoles?)

Is Nintendo in trouble? Good article by Stephen Kent, the author of Game Over.

Interview with the people responsible for welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com

A good article about Women in videogames. This mentioned an underground Nintendo rom called Super Peach Sisters, a feminist retread of Super Mario Brothers. Mario is kidnapped, and Princess Peach and her sisters have to go and save him. I started looking for this (I’ll let you know when I find it) and came across this, which disturbed me somewhat. Mario fan fiction. It is worksafe and not at all rude. Just odd.

Cleaning up some e-mail

And I’ve got a few links to keep track of. Firstly, SM has sent me a link about the restoration of The Cove at Avebury. The site is a bit oldschool, and they could do with putting a few less pics on each page, but its very handy to see what is going on there.

Soomething that bothers me greatly is the new Sexual Offences Bill. What should be a very sensible piece of legislation to update our laws is being used to amongst other things, impose a 6 month jail sentence on consenting adults caught having sex outdoors. This is fucking ridiculous, and I don’t seem to remember that being a point that won them the last election.


Long week, even though in reality it was only 3 days long. DIY, gardening, gaming and drinking are the main aims for this weekend. Fix a door (a different door to the one I was fixing a couple of weeks ago, that one is fixed). Cut some things and tidy some things.

I ended up watching The People’s book of records last night. Its okay, pretty much a one joke show. But the thing that did do my head in was the “dog lick”. Someone covered his arse in chocolate, and then squatted for two minutes whilst their pet dog licked it off. The record they were looking for was how many times the dog licked him in two minutes. More than one hundred. The sorriest thing about it is that it is the most memorable thing I have seen on Channel 4 all year. A man having chocolate licked off his arse by a dog. I can remember a day, in my lifetime, when you genuinely could say that Britain had the best quality television in the world. Alas, no longer.

As detective dramas merge into property shows, docusoaps into reality tv, we are left with the dregs. I am forced to buy fine british programming on dvd, like Reggie Perrin, which not even UK Gold can bring itself to show alongside the repeats of going for gold and bergerac. As the sun set on the british empire………

Take a deep breathe. Thats better. But it does annoy me, that we used to appreciate and value all this talent that we had (and have in the country right now), and now, and I blame Rupert Murdoch for this, perhaps on the basis of very little evidence, but I blame him just the same, our television, in particular our comedy, is rubbish. I am old it would appear

I was also looking at this earlier Mad Lizzie. Was expecting the former TVam fitness guru. Its not. Its a linedancing caller. Clearly not a very good one, given how full her diary is for the year. Or to give her her dues, it could be that the professional line dancing season only runs over a few weeks. I’m not well versed in the artform, I most admit.