curb your enthusiasm

1.012 episodes in, and I have to admit that it rules. He is part Jerry and part George, and sounds like George Steinbrenner.
Suspiciously like him. There is just a tone to it, that I love.

Away and back again, second episode just as good 🙂 Did get everything fine from tescos, it was like I had dreamt I had been shopping, woken up to find it was a dream, but all the food was there. Well, quite like that but with a fivers delivery charge.

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Gran Tourismo Online?

have been reading Penny Arcade today, which is a superior gaming site. Give’s fanboys a good name. Tycho was discussing the potential for online racing games. Got me thinking about what you could do with this. Massively multiplayer Online racing is my answer. Big fat wide tracks. A hundred or a couple of hundred of racers. Even better, have teams, for instance four different coloured teams of 25 each. The aim is for your team to score the most points. 100 for first place, down to 1 for last. So every person’s position, from first to last is important. That would have to be the dream sort of game for me. Failing that, Gran Tourismo 4 – Online Edition would have to be the next best thing.

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Less than two weeks to PSO

I am not paid by Nintendo to go on and on about their games. Quite the opposite in fact. I am waiting for it to get warmer and lighter. I want to start cycling again, in earnest. I need to be doing something to burn off a few more pounds, vain as I am. I think a bit of cycling on an evening would do the trick. In fact, what I think I would like would be a cheap digital camera, or failing that some film for the ordinary one I have, going off cycling and taking some pictures of Oxford

And I think in all honesty I should finish off the Harry Hill book, as I was enjoying it so much.

More walks

24.02.03 More walks

Sunday walk down by the river, walked to Iffley Lock, and then Sunday Lunch at The Prince of Wales in Iffley Village, which I can heartily recommend, top-notch roast. Pretty cheap too. Fast service and the best roast potatoes bar none.

I got game

And have been taking a lot of random pics. Good fun. Also playing more Crash, GTA3 on the PC, and a bit of Pokemon.