been busy. clearly. have decorated my first room in about 7 years. the walls have got taller in general since i last did that. Now own an N64, super Mario 64, F-Zero X, Banjo Kazooie, 1080 Snowboarding and a transfer pak for when I track down a cheap copy of Pokemon Stadium.


past week has been really busy. Didn’t get up to that much at the weekend, but it seems like it went really fast. Will attempt to slow the weekend down some. Might have a meal out with S which works for me. Definitely a bit of gaming. And hopefully some writing. Maybe even the odd diary entry

that sort of comment usually means I wont…

Strained Daze

Heavier going today, workwise at least, just a very long busy day. Sorted now, sat at home with Cut Chemist’s Lesson 6 playing, which is one of the madder subtle tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Actually very relaxed now, if a little cold it seemed like it might snow properly today, which it should. I am really due some proper snow. We just had crap southern english snow today, which was pointless and lasted all of ten minutes. I want a good blizzard or two, even if I suppose it won’t ultimately help with the flooding in Oxford.


New Year and all that. I guess I tend to update this when I’m at work, and having not really been at work much for quite a while, I haven’t. So there it is, a happy New Year to all my readers.

Had the Christmas Day at home with S, and then New Year with her Parents, which was very relaxing. Am now primed and ready for a New Year of motivation, weight-loss, fitness, and er, lots of gaming too. All of those and marriage too.

Actually serious about the weight-loss, in fact all of those things. Am aiming to lose two stone this year. Yeah right I hear you cry. Welllllll, we’ll see. But I am going to have a go properly.

Oxford at the moment is flooded. Luckily we live a little uphill from the river, so we haven’t and hopefully won’t be affected. But it is bad, two of the main roads have been shut off. May well take a wander down to see what has been going on tonight (well that counts towards my fitness regime too).

Happy New Gaming

Well, I’m celebrating (with a hat and streamers and everything) at the news that Pokemon GameCube is on its way. It is a bit stingy that you will need a GBA and one of the latest Pokemon GBA games to play it, but seeing as I will have that well before it comes out, then it is not such a problem for me.

I will admit that owing to some travelling in the past month or so, I have played an awful lot of Pokemon. It does travel so well I reckon. I have also bought Pokemon Blue, so I now have the first 5 GB games. I just need Crystal now, and then Ruby and Sapphire when they come out.

Also purchased/gifted over the past few weeks have been Gran Tourismo 2 (PS1, bought from the new 2nd hand gaming shop that is just round the corner from me, another result for the New Year), Age of Empires (PC, 3.25 in a sale) Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Kotex(I have unfinished business with that game) and Links 2001(PC). So I am quite well stocked on the gaming front. Starfox, GTA3VC, Mario, GT3 and GT2 all are in line for some playing, but my first attention will be on the Pokemon Blue that arrived today. For a few days.