to put a patch on today. Got the fear as soon as I realised this morning, but decided to wait until lunchtime to do something about it. Got to lunchtime, looked at the wind and rain outside, and decided I could wait until I got home. Feel weird now. Spaced and tired. Very spaced. Sore head and slight trippyness. It comes and goes. Fuck me niccoteen is evil.

Only half an hour to go, and it seems like quite a while yet. I will manage it, but it is hard.


Going to try and write up my last week another time, but suffice to say I now know a bit more about Microsoft Access than I did, or than even I ever suspected I may need to know. On a completely different subject, I have now done 8% more in GTA3VC. Just to give another feel for the game, I was just making a coffee, and thinking about a level where you have to help shoot a load of gang-members. They have very carefully barricaded themselves in, so my route one tactic of driving at them doesn’t work. But I just remembered that I know where I can find a bullet-proof vest, and a flame-thrower. I suspect that will do the job. This is one of the things I like about the game, often an entirely different tactic from the obvious is the best way through. Also got my first helicopter last night, and being able to fly around the whole game is yet another great aspect I’ve found on my journey through it.

To remember

I have decided to start a new project, to go with all the other things I start and never finish. This one is to try and remember as much as I can about World of Sport.

Here goes. Okay, I can first remember a trailer for what I think was the Autumn of 1976, or possibly 1975. There was definitely something about the lumberjacking games. This was where competing lumberjacks had to race each other by climbing up very tall logs, ringing a bell at the top and jumping down. They had some sort of belt around them and the logs, to make this a bit safer. The technique goes :- Slide the belt up, move your feet up the log, repeat to top.

I think there is a larger page in this somehow. Not an interesting one, but a larger one.

I can also recall ice-barrel jumping, fireman’s games, American football, skeleton bob, skateboarding competitions, airplane racing, bike jumps by Evel Kneival, Eddie Kidd and some other bozo, wrestling of course, banger racing, greyhound racing, horse racing, cricket (occasionally, usually the the Yorkshire vs Lancashire games), Darts, snooker, Billiards, cliff-diving

and rest