Bleeping Bleep

Like the look of this club night in London. May try and pay them a visit soon. Also, if you want to do some repair work on your pc, do it the easy way

Will be having an enforced break from blogging soon, as I’ll be in London for a week. If I get chance I may well type up my weeks diary on the laptop.

Also may well find myself distracted over the next ten days by celebrity big brother 2. It just appeals to my love of car crash televison.

Flipping Yoshi

Feel somewhat vindicated that a lot of people are pissed off by Yoshi’s Fruit Adventure on Super Mario Sunshine, which I’ve found pretty heavy going. Mind you, someone also described the level which has taken me about 50-60 goes as one of the easiest in the game, so its 50-50 I guess. Now for the level I’ve avoided going back to in Vice City.

A Steller Effort

A Steller Effort

On my part has now resulted in a 12 Shine weekend on Mario. It’s the obstacle courses that hold you up, when you get past those you really can fly through. The end levels are normally pretty hard mind. I’m on one where you have to shoot balloons from a roller coaster, which is as hard as, well, shooting balloons from a roller coaster.