The sort of tired that comes from physical work. Not too much, but still tired because of it. Kind of hard to focus tonight, I keep getting distracted by many things. Brainfade is what I refer to it as. Sniper threatening to kill lots of American children. Armed men have taken 1000 people hostage in […]


Running just as fast as you can. Trying to get away into the night. Niccotene Level = feels lower than it should. Solution = smoke more or less, depending on required result Shines = 60. Finish = 120 Obvious = only halfway on Super Mario Sunshine. Cuts = inside of middle finger right hand. Possibly […]


Someone e-mailed me to say they had a problem with their machine. Except they didn’t. Except that their e-mail was sending messages it shouldn’t. So it had a problem. Which I then fixed. Very odd. I understood the problem, but just wierd that it was almost as if the machine rather than the user was […]