Chapter 2

Heroes, Anti-heroes and Non-heroes Characterization in Vonnegut’s Novels The protagonist is the central character in a novel, around whom its plot concentrates. There are different types of protagonist, as described above. There is the heroic protagonist, whose activities throughout a story portray him or her as great, as of superior quality to most people. Good […]

Kurt Vonnegut, a critical study. Chapter 1: America through the eyes of Kurt Vonnegut

The America in which Kurt Vonnegut finds himself is a country of broken promises. His great grandfather, like millions of other people, emigrated to America to escape poverty, encouraged by the hope of a new way of life, epitomised by the American Dream. This is the dominant philosophy in American society, that if you work […]


1 Kurt Vonnegut Bluebeard Paladin Books London, 1987 Current Version Breakfast of Champions Paladin Books London, 1973 Current Version Galapagos Paladin Books London, 1985 Current Version Jailbird Dell Publishing New York, 1979 Current Version Mother Night Jonathon Cape London, 1966 Current Version Player Piano Panther Books St. Albans, 1953 Current Version The Sirens of Titan […]

Kurt Vonnegut – A Critical Study – Preface

The novels of Kurt Vonnegut have attracted critical attention in recent years, but little in the way of in depth study. His novels are often noted as examples of post – modernism and metafiction, but in the main are just listed as such. In addition, the vast majority of critical analysis that has been done […]