Diary 12

I can’t believe it. Darlington (20th at start of play) beat Reading (Top by at least 15 pts!) 2-0 away!! Admittedly the goals were both own goals, but it is still a great win! Rangers lost 3-2 to Dundee away. We are now a dreary 5th in the table. Man Utd lost 3-0 to Leicester away.

Diary 6

Had a lot of homework. I don’t mind doing the homework, but what is annoying is that quite often the work doesn’t get marked for a month or more? Why should I be bothered to do homework if they can’t be bothered to mark it? I especially mention Mrs Wittaker. Two big exceptions to the above are Mr Smith and Mr Allen. All homework is marked on the night it is handed in, except in extreme circumstances.

Keke Rosberg just won the Australian Grand Prix. Raith Rovers won 9-2 yesterday! I want to know if this is a division record. I will research this.

Diary 5

Got a stack of homework! I’m going into town tomorrow with Emma to do some Christmas shopping. “Already?”, I hear you cry! Well, best to get it out the way. I am owed £14.55 pocket money! I can’t wait to get it. On Monday I may be selling by F.F. Barbarian figure for 90p. That’s a profit of 30p.

I’ve worked out a method to make Emma and I some money. What we do is to buy some mustard and cress seeds, and plant them. They can then be sold at a small profit. Good, Eh!